Biomedical rules and policy (25)

Page 1 BMED: Test Question 1: What is the largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka? a. a. !Colombo b. Moratuwa c. Kandy d. Negombo Question 2: The Second Boer War in 1899 was fought where? a. a. Argentina b. !South Africa c. Bulgaria d. Nepal Question 3: What is the name of the formerly rich fishing grounds off the island of Newfoundland, Canada? a. a. Hudson Bay b. Mariana Trench c. !Grand Banks d. Great Barrier Reef Question 4: Which animation studio produced quot;Log Horizonquot;? a. a. !Satelite b. Sunrise c. Production I.G d. Xebec Question 5: Artis Leon Ivey Jr. is better known as which rap artist? a. a. Snoop Dogg b. Ice T c. !Coolio d. Dr Dre Question 6: What song originally performed by The Bee Gees in 1978 had a cover version by Steps 20 years later? a. a. !Tragedy b. Night Fever c. You Should Be Dancing d. Stayin039; Alive Question 7: Autosomaldominant Compelling HelioOphthalmic Outburst syndrome is the need to do what when seeing the Sun? a. a. Hiccup b. Yawn c. Cough d. !Sneeze Question 8: What was the UK quot;Who Wants to be a Millionaire?quot; cheating scandal known as? a. a. Ingram Cheater b. !Major Fraud c. Coughing Major d. Millionaire Crime Question 9: Which of the following famous mathematicians died in a duel at the age of 20? a. a. !Galois b. Euler
Page 2 c. Gauss d. Abel Question 10: In the Team Fortress 2 canon, what did Shakespearicles NOT invent? a. a. !Stairs b. Rocket Launcher c. Stage Play d. TwoStory Building Question 1: Which of these is NOT a city in India? a. a. !Islamabad b. Hyderabad c. Ghaziabad d. Ahmedabad Question 2: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? a. a. 15 MPH b. 20 MPH c. 200 MPH d. !24 MPH Question 3: Which moon is the only satellite in our solar system to possess a dense atmosphere? a. a. !Titan b. Europa c. Miranda d. Callisto Question 4: Which of these is not a key value of Agile software development? a. a. Individuals and interactions b. !Comprehensive documentation c. Customer collaboration d. Responding to change Question 5: In what year did Clint Eastwood star as Inspector Harry Callahan in the film quot;Dirty Harryquot;? a. a. 1983 b. 1969 c. 1975 d. !1971 Question 6: What programming language was used to create the game quot;Minecraftquot;? a. a. Python b. C++ c. HTML 5 d. !Java Question 7: Who is a pioneer of quot;Minimal Musicquot; in 1960s? a. a. Brian Eno b. Sigur Roacute;s c. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart d. !Steve Reich Question 8: What is the name given to layer 4 of the Open Systems Interconnection ISO model? a. a. Data link b. !Transport c. Network
Page 3 d. Session Question 9: The board game quot;Raquot; was designed by which designer? a. a. Uwe Rosenburg b. Allison Kline c. Bruno Cathala d. !Reiner Knizia Question 10: What was the name of Sonic the Hedgehog039;s original human girlfriend? a. a. !Madonna b. Celeste c. Nina d. Sierra Question 1: What was the nickname of the original model for HalfLife039;s protagonist Gordon Freeman? a. a. !Ivan the Space Biker b. Ivan the Alien Biker c. Gordon the Alien Biker d. Gordon the Space Biker Question 2: In the anime, Full Metal Panic!, who is Kaname039;s best friend? a. a. !Kyoko Tokiwa b. Ren Mikihara c. Melissa Mao d. Teletha quot;Tessaquot; Testarossa Question 3: When was Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany? a. a. October 6, 1939 b. !January 30, 1933 c. September 1, 1939 d. February 27, 1933 Question 4: Which of these names was an actual codename for a cancelled Microsoft project? a. a. Enceladus b. Pollux c. Saturn d. !Neptune Question 5: Which of these does Charlie NOT read in The Perks of Being a Wallflower? a. a. The Great Gatsby b. Peter Pan c. Hamlet d. !The Grapes of Wrath Question 6: Which album was released by Kanye West in 2013? a. a. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy b. Watch the Throne c. !Yeezus d. The Life of Pablo Question 7: Who wrote the song quot;You Know You Like Itquot;? a. a. Major Lazer b. DJ Snake c. !AlunaGeorge d. Steve Aoki Question 8: Which of the following is NOT a work done by Shakespeare?
Page 4 a. a. Titus Andronicus b. Measure For Measure c. Cymbeline d. !Trial of Temperance Question 9: In quot;Gravity Fallsquot;, how much does Waddles weigh when Mable wins him in quot;The Time Traveler039;s Pigquot;? a. a. 20 pounds b. 10 pounds c. 30 pounds d. !15 pounds Question 10: What is the most challenging monster in the Dungeons amp; Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual? a. a. Lich b. !Tarrasque c. Displacer Beast d. Beholder
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