How tea make japan so rich (11)

Page 1 JAP: Review Question 1: In the Super Mario Bros. Series, what is Yoshi039;s scientific name? a. a. Yoshi b. !T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas c. Yossy d. T. Yoshisotop Munchakoopas Question 2: Which of these island countries is located in the Caribbean? a. a. Fiji b. !Barbados c. Seychelles d. Maldives Question 3: What was the name of the spy ring that helped the United States win the Revolutionary War? a. a. !Culper Ring b. Washington039;s Spies c. Unnamed d. New York Spy Ring Question 4: Which M83 album is the song quot;Midnight Cityquot; featured in? a. a. Junk b. !Hurry Up, We039;re Dreaming c. Saturdays Youth d. Before the Dawn Heals Us Question 5: In the Panic! At the Disco039;s song quot;Nothern Downpourquot;, which lyric follows 039;I know the world039;s a broken bone039;. a. a. !quot;So melt your headaches call it homequot; b. quot;So sing your song until you039;re homequot; c. quot;So start a fire in their cold stonequot; d. quot;So let them know they039;re on their ownquot; Question 6: What is the full name of the footballer quot;Cristiano Ronaldoquot;? a. a. Cristiano Luis Armando Ronaldo b. !Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro c. Cristiano Armando Diego Ronaldo d. Cristiano Ronaldo los Santos Diego Question 7: Dutch computer scientist Mark Overmars is known for creating which game development engine? a. a. !Game Maker b. Construct c. Stencyl d. Torque 2D Question 8: Nephelococcygia is the practice of doing what? a. a. Swimming in freezing water b. Breaking glass with your voice c. !Finding shapes in clouds d. Sleeping with your eyes open Question 9: After the 1516 Battle of Marj Dabiq, the Ottoman Empire took control of Jerusalem from which sultanate? a. a. Ayyubid b. Seljuq
Page 2 c. Ummayyad d. !Mamluk Question 10: Which of the following is used to measure blood pressure? a. a. Barometer b. Ruler c. !Sphygmomanometer d. Haemoerythrometer Question 1: Abel Magwitch is a character from which Charles Dickens novel? a. a. Oliver Twist b. Nicholas Nickleby c. !Great Expectations d. The Pickwick Papers Question 2: Which of these artists did NOT remix the song quot;Fadedquot; by Alan Walker? a. a. Tieuml;sto b. !Skrillex c. Dash Berlin d. Slushii Question 3: Which of these animals is NOT a lizard? a. a. Gila Monster b. !Tuatara c. Green Iguana d. Komodo Dragon Question 4: Who is the Egyptian god of reproduction and lettuce? a. a. Meret b. Mut c. !Min d. Menu Question 5: What is the secondlargest city in Lithuania? a. a. Klaipda b. Vilnius c. Panevys d. !Kaunas Question 6: How many women joined the United States Armed Services during World War II? a. a. 500,000 b. 100,000 c. 225,000 d. !350,000 Question 7: In 2008, British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay believes he almost died after suffering what accident in Iceland while filming? a. a. A minor car accident in a snowstorm b. Being served undercooked chicken at his hotel c. !Slipping off a cliff, and nearly drowning in icy water d. Crash landing when arriving at Keflaviacute;k airport Question 8: Which artist composed the original soundtrack for quot;Watch Dogs 2quot;? a. a. Machinedrum b. Rustie c. !Hudson Mohawke
Page 3 d. Flying Lotus Question 9: Which of these characters wasn039;t a villian in Club Penguin? a. a. Herbert P. Bear b. !The Director c. Tusk d. Ultimate ProtoBot 10000 Question 10: When Batman trolls the online chat rooms, what alias does he use? a. a. !JonDoe297 b. iAmBatman c. BWayne13 d. BW1129 Question 1: Who played Stan039;s dog in the South Park episode quot;Big Gay Al039;s Big Gay Boat Ridequot;? a. a. Robert Smith b. Matt Stone c. !George Clooney d. Jay Leno Question 2: Which one of these is scientific term for quot;Brain Freezequot;? a. a. Amaranthus Retroflexus b. Amblyomma Americanum c. !Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia d. Hyacinthoides Italica Question 3: In the National Pokedex what number is PorygonZ? a. a. 376 b. 589 c. 432 d. !474 Question 4: Which country does the YouTuber quot;SinowBeatsquot; originate from? a. a. Sweden b. England c. !Scotland d. Germany Question 5: In Star Trek, what is the name of Spock039;s father? a. a. Surak b. !Sarek c. T039;Pal d. Tuvok Question 6: What year was Min Yoongi from South Korea boy band quot;BTSquot; born in? a. a. 1992 b. 1995 c. !1993 d. 1994 Question 7: In Magic: The Gathering, what was a tribute card to Jamie Wakefield039;s late wife Marilyn, who loved horses? a. a. Vryn Wingmare b. Loyal Pegasus c. Sungrace Pegasus d. !Timbermare
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