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Name: 1; [M53 E [D Date: 04.07 Solve Word Problems with Decimals Solve Word Problems with Decimals Assignment Directions: Solve each word problem and show your work. 1. Jorge has 173 fish for his dog sled team that he wants to divide into smaller pieces. How many pieces of fish would there be if Jorge divided each fish into tenths? ma pieces of fish 2. An adult seal eats 48.5 pounds of food daily. How many full days would 785.7 pounds of food last? \ézz full days 3. 59 volunteers at the Research and Rescue Center will be participating in a rescue mission. There will be one team leader assigned to each group of 6 volunteers. How many team leaders will be needed so that every volunteer can participate in the rescue mission? Ml team leaders Math Grade 5 Page 1 of 2
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