MATH 119 Trigonometry Syllabus Instructor and Class Information Instructor Name Schoolcraft Instructor Email Phone - Office Location - Office Hours - Section Number - Meeting Times - Location - Course Information Course Description Trigonometric functions and their graphs, identities, equations and inverse functions and solutions of right and oblique triangles are the topics included in this course. Types of Instruction Instruction Type Credits/Hours Credit Hours [transcripted] 3 Lecture Hours 3 Lab Hours Clinical Hours Pre/Corequisites Prerequisite MATH 113 with a minimum grade of 2.0 or a minimum score of 23 ACT-Math, 29 SAT- Math, 63 CPT-College-Level Math or 230 NGA-Advanced Algebra and Functions. Textbooks Bundled Set: Charles P. McKeague. Trigonometry w/XYZ All Access Pass , 1 st Edition (XYZ Textbooks, 2020). An access code is included with the purchase of a new text. For a free 15-day trial period, go to . Be aware that some used texts, rentals, and e-texts may not contain the required access code. Contact the Schoolcraft Bookstore for the appropriate textbook availability at Syllabus - Page 1 of 9
Learner Supplies Student Solutions Manual (optional). Description: This manual contains worked out solutions to odd-numbered exercises. TI-83/84 graphing calculator. Core Abilities 1. Use mathematics 2. Use technology effectively Course Competencies 1. Evaluate the basic trigonometric functions using degree or radian measure. 2. Evaluate the basic trigonometric functions involving angles in standard position. 3. Evaluate the basic trigonometric functions involving right triangles. 4. Evaluate the basic trigonometric functions involving the unit circle. 5. Solve right and oblique triangles. 6. Solve trigonometric equations. 7. Verify trigonometric identities. 8. Graph trigonometric functions. 9. Construct mathematical models using trigonometric functions. 10. Solve application problems using trigonometry. Academic Integrity Academic integrity is a fundamental component of a college community. Each student has a responsibility to understand, accept and comply with the Schoolcraft College Student Code of Conduct. Cheating and plagiarism are examples of violations of the code. Syllabus - Page 2 of 9
Additional Services Learning Support Services offers you free tutoring, writing support, and academic success coaching for all enrolled students, located at the Livonia Campus Bradner Library. Learning Center - tutoring and writing support: [email protected] , 734-462-4436, Room #L119 Academic Success Coaching: [email protected] , 734-462-7330, press option 2 For more information about Learning Support Services, please visit: Hinkle Student Resource Center connects you with Special Populations scholarships; free loaner laptops and WIFI hotspots (funded by the Schoolcraft College Foundation); community assistance programs related to food, clothing, transportation and health care; and community resources for victims of domestic violence. Hinkle Student Resource Center - 734-462-4443, [email protected] , or Mental health resources are available through the Dean of Students Office. You can get free, short-term counseling on campus and referrals to long-term care with community service providers. Student Relations Office - 734-462-4486, [email protected] , or . Class Cancellation Classes canceled will be listed on the Schoolcraft web page. Students can visit for more information. For College closings due to weather or other emergencies, listen to major area radio or TV stations for updates. SCalerts RAVE Emergency Alert System All Schoolcraft College students enrolled in credit classes will automatically be enrolled in the SCalerts RAVE Emergency Messaging System. The SCalerts system sends messages about closings and emergencies or dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students. Visit for more information. Faculty and Off-Site Supervisor Responsibilities 1. Courses will be taught in accordance with the description published in the catalog and common syllabus. 2. A personalized Course Syllabus will be distributed at the first session of each class. 3. Faculty will make themselves available for student consultations and will respond to emails, phone calls and student contacts in a timely manner. 4. Attendance will be taken and reported to the Records Office for State and Federal Report purposes. 5. Timely feedback will be provided to students regarding their progress. Syllabus - Page 3 of 9
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