Algebra Graded Assignment

Step 1: Given: SI=GI (since they are both 5ft long) Point W is the midpoint of SI Point N is the midpoint of GI Prove: 1. how far is point W from point S on the leg? 2. Will a piece of wood that is 36 in long be long enough to replace the crossbar labeled WN? 3. is WN parallel to the ground? 1. Since SI and GI are both 5ft: 5/2=2.5, so WN must be 2.5ft away from each other 2. Although it is very close, due to WN being 2.5 feet long, this means that the piece of wood cannot fit 3. Due to WN being a 2.5ft, and the ground being around 10ft, then no WN is not parallel to the ground. Step 2: Prove: 1. What is the relationship between point Z and the triangle? Explain. 2. If the length of GU is 18 units, what is the length of GZ? Show all your work. 3. If the length of ZT is 4.8 units, what is the length of OT? Show all your work. 1. Since the triangle has no angles, and it intersects all the point's lines, meaning that point z is a centroid. 2. GU=18, if we multiply 18 by 2/3(you use 2/3 to discover the length of short line segments), we'll get 12 which means that GZ=12 3. ZT=4.8 if we divide 4.8 by 1/3(you use 1/3 to discover the length of long line segments), we'll get 14.4, which means that OT=14.4
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