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BSC 011
Material Science
May 21, 2023
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Practical report INGM 122 Materials Science Faculty of Engineering Group number: Name Student number Role Signature 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mark obtained /82 [Delete the comments in red before submitting the report]
Submission [Only one submission per group. Make sure all your names appear on the report.] Practical 1: Tensile properties Title [Insert a title here] Hypothesis [Propose a hypothesis for the practical. A hypothesis must be a complete sentence, must be testable, and should refer to the independent and dependent variables] Method [Summarise the procedure for the practical- avoid merely copying the procedure in the lab manual. You should demonstrate that you understand what you measured, how you measured it, and the equipment used. Write this section in prose and narrative voice, for example, 'A 500 g sample of chemical compound D was weighed using the electronic balance, and 0.1 M acid B was added dropwise.' Avoid using first person e.g., 'We measured the length using vernier callipers.'] Results [Present your results in a format that aids analysis and interpretation. You may use graphs, tables, and images, and where applicable, provide sample calculations. All graphs and images must be accompanied by a caption under it, e.g., 'Figure 1: Stress strain curve for zinc.' The caption for tables must be placed above the table. All graphs, tables etc. must be clearly and appropriately labelled, and where applicable, with the correct units. While you may describe your results, you may not give any interpretations of what they mean in this section. For example: Description- 'Figure 1 shows that the amount of x increased twofold when the concentration of y was doubled.' Interpretation- 'The trend observed in Figure 1 could imply that the rate of reaction was second order with respect to x.'] Discussion [This is where you interpret the results you obtained. You explain what the results mean, and where necessary, use scientific knowledge to support your interpretation. You may also compare your results with those found in literature, data booklets etc. Include a discussion of possible sources of error in conducting the practical and suggest how these may have been eliminated.] Page 2 of 9
Conclusions [Sum up the findings of the practical, and what they mean in real life applications. Also state whether your hypothesis was accepted or rejected. Your conclusions should be consistent with your results- do not add new information.] References [If in your experiment you cited someone else's work, you need to acknowledge that person. Use in-text referencing and a list of references to do this. You are expected to use the Harvard style of referencing.] [This part of your report will be graded as using the rubric on the next page. A copy of the rubric must be inserted at the end of Practical 1.] Report format Most elements are missing [0] Some elements are missing [2] Most/ all elements are presented [4] Page 3 of 9
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