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TE 200
Material Science
May 3, 2023
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Name:________________________ Introduction to Polymer Science & Engineering TE 200 Intro Pop Quiz 1 A B C 1. Consider the polymer shown above: a. Which one(s) is/are step growth polymers? b. Which one(s) is/are chain growth polymers? c. Which one do you think would be the most expensive to produce? d. Which one(s) can be recycled? 2. Do you think Polymer C can crystallize? Why or Why not? 3. Some polymers have tacticity, not all. Which of the polymers above have some type of tacticity? 4. If Polymer A is atactic can it crystallize? Why or Why not? Haile Patel & A, B C All I think Polymer can crystallize because the structure is repeating and has no side groups A,5 No, it can't because it has an irregular structure.
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