Mineral Identification Worksheet #1

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GEO 4023
Material Science
Jun 5, 2023
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MINERAL IDENTIFICATION WORKSHEET #1 Luster Diaphaneity Cleavage/ Fracture Hardness Density Compositional Group Use Other Properties Mineral *in kit Talc* Gypsum* Fluorite* Graphite* Apatite* Orthoclase* Quartz (crystalline) Quartz (milky)* Corundum Galena* Muscovite non- metallic (pearly white to pink to green 1 direction (basal) 1 2.7 g/cc silicate powder Tenacity: sectile Vitreous to silky, pearly, or waxy Transparent to translucent 1 direction 2 2.36 gm/cc sulfate Plaster of Paris and drywal flexible Vitreous colorless to yellow, blue, green, or violet 4 directions 4 3.18 g/cm3 Halide flux in steel making Brittle metallic Opaque 1 direction 1-2 2.2 g/cc native element "pencil lead", lubricant Fertilizer dark gray non metallic (vitreous to resinous) Transparent to translucent [0001] indistinct, [1010] indistinct 5 3.2 g/cc Phosphate Some shade of green non metallic (pearly to vitreous) Transparent to translucent 2 directions at 90 ̊ 6 2.5 g/cc silicate Rock Former white, pink, or green non metallic (dull to clouded) Transparent to translucent No cleavage 7 2.65 g/cc silicate rock former, jewelry Chert, flint, jasper non metallic (vitreous) Transparent to translucent No Cleavage 7 2.65 g/ml silicate glass, jewelry, and electronics glassy luster, may form hexagonal crystals Adamantine to vitreous Transparent, translucent to opaque None - parting in 3 directions 9 4 g/cc Oxide abrasive, jewelry (ruby or sapphire) brown (as a gemstone, can be red or blue metallic Opaque Perfect, cubic three directions 2.5 7.5 g/cc Sulfide Lead ore Silver gray non-metallic, shiny luster Transparent to translucent 1 direction 2-2.5 2.7 g/cc Silicate Lubricant/ insulation Elastic in thin sheets
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