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Nov 20, 2023
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1. Describe and outline the business, and the product/service chosen to promote The product I choose is Heineken. The company name is Heineken International and it is the world's most international brewer. The product is Heineken International Beer. Heineken describes his target group very clear: everyone who is above 18 years old and likes to drink beer. Heineken's leading brand portfolio includes more than 170 international premium, regional, local and specialty beers. 2. Discuss the planning process you used to develop and coordinate the promotional activities Social media such as Facebook I am going to develop as promotional activities. Free advertising, A lot for people have social media, Easy to communicate and Fast promotion. This promotional will be effective because we can reach a lot of people through social media and it isn't expensive. Since our target market is from 18 years old, most of them will use social media so it would be a good idea to approach them through this method. To be effective the company can develop with the help of a graphic designer and a good marketing team a successful advertising. Please see the following table that I have planned for the things have to do: Task Have to do Planning marketing scheme Build a cost effective plan. Establish roles and responsibilities. Make a budget. Design promotional activity and timelines. Checking Making sure everything goes according to plan. No excess budget or overtimes. Designing flyers Design and make good, innovative and catchy flyers. Printing flyers Flyers must have a good design, no smears, all due information 3. Identify all legislation and regulations relevant to your organization, marketing plan and promotional activities Legislative requirements: Confidentiality/privacy: Heineken is going to deliver some surveys for clients to have the knowledge if the promotion it is working or not. So they are going to do it in a way that keeps it confidential and respecting customer privacy. 4. What were the goals and objectives of your marketing plan?
The goal is want to attract more customers and want to promote the products to help Heineken to become more successful and more known by potential customers. Around 5-10 % sales have to improve in the coming years. 5. How do the goals and objectives of the marketing plan support the overall business objectives? The promotional objectives it is to attract more customers and increase the sales. We expect to attract at least 20% of the number of loyal customers and to increase 10% of national trip sales until the beginning of 2019. 6. Discuss how you prepared for, planned and coordinated the promotion of the product/service For the promotional activities, I have created a work activity plan as the following: Work Activity Plan Activity Goals Required Resources Person By When Specific Timelines Facebook Posts 1000 likes per week Graphic Designer Person 1 1 week 1-3 days 400 likes, 4-6 days 400, 7 days 200 likes Flyers 500 flyers per week Graphic Designer and Flyer Employee Person 1 and person 2 1 week 1-3 days 300 flyers, 4-6 days 150 flyers, 7 days 100 flyers Television Commercials 100 commercials per week Director, Actors and Video Designer Person 3 and person 4 1 week 1-3 days 50 times, 4-6 40, 7 days10 Please see below for the budget plan: Budget Overall Activity Personnel Resource Cost Timeline Overall Cost Facebook Posts Graphic Designer 100 per week 4 weeks 400 dollars Flyers Printer and Graphic Designer 200 per week 4 weeks 800 dollars Television Commercials Director and Video Designer 1000 per week 4 weeks 4000 dollars
7. Discuss the workplace documentation required throughout the planning and delivery process Requirements: Access/equity: since the product is sold all over the world it will be necessary to have a pan English on the website and provide the information in other languages as well. Also ensure that design elements are universally understood. PowerPoint , Microsoft word are going to use as well. 8. Identify the common promotional activities you considered for this project, and discuss why these were/were not chosen Instragram that I have considered for this project. I have conducted a SWOT chart to see why these were/were not chosen 1. Direct marketing Direct marketing reaches out to specific companies or people to inform them of services, upcoming sales, or new products. Forms of direct marketing include e-mails, direct mail, phone calls, and flyers. Direct marketing is a fast and effective way to promote products and services. For example, companies can send out a targeted e-mail campaign to reach customers. 2. Sales promotion A sales promotion involves using short-term initiatives to increase product demand and sales. Examples of sales promotions include flash discounts, giveaways, coupons, and loyalty reward programs. This method of promotion is a good way to announce new products, engage new customers, and sell the remaining inventory of an old product. Businesses may use sales promotion to sustain popularity during the holiday seasons because of the surge in product demand and the use of competitive pricing. 3. Digital marketing Digital marketing involves online or web advertising, such as content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. With digital marketing, companies can establish a connection with a wider audience. This promotion method is also very efficient because it can operate on a global scale in a small amount of time. 4. Personal selling The personal selling strategy involves person-to-person communication. This may include meeting with customers face-to-face or over the phone. The goal of personal selling is to form meaningful relationships with customers or clients. An example of an enterprise that uses personal selling is car
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