Certified Parks and Recreation Professional CPRP Exam-with 100% verified solutions-2023

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Nov 20, 2023
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Certified Parks and Recreation Professional CPRP Exam -with 100% verified solutions-2023 Benchmarking the process of comparing an organization's practices and technologies with those of other companies Rules Specific; direct participants and employees to act in a prescribed manner Policies broad and open to interpretation. Based on circumstances, set direction. Anti-discrimination is an example of a policy Procedures Chronological sequence of activities; define steps for implementation. Outlined in operations manuals. A process for completing a task. A public Parks and Recreation agency's services are divided into three categories: Parks, programs, and facilities It is the PRP's responsibility to ensure that the public has the opportunity to (3 things) 1. Participate in quality rec programs, 2. enjoy attractive parks, 3. Ensure that facilities are effective and safe
Evaluations Explain the value of the expenditures of the services and explain that services are meeting community needs Needs assessment provides feedback on community attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of P&R department & its resources Conflicting management strategies: There is an ongoing struggle in Parks and Recreation between these two things: Conservation and development "No flying of model aircrafts behind zero line, no aerobatics or high-speed passes" are examples of: Rules "Model aircrafts/boats shall be allowed only by permit issued by Parks and Recreation Director" is an example of a: Policy "To obtain a permit, first call the Parks and Recreation Director, then pay permit fees and submit application" is an example of a Procedure Comprehensive Plan Identifies short and long-term priorities for P&R department, includes agency's goals and policies, identification of deficiencies, inventories, and developed standards for Parks
Master Plan Subsets of comprehensive plan; focuses on physical resources and development. Typically updated every 10 years. Driven by data. Strategic Plan Development or revision of mission and vision; action plan for achieving goals and objectives. Based on data analysis that provides insight to trends in agency's internal & external environments ADA act of 1992 requires... - that physical alterations to public accommodations must be made to accommodate people w/ disabilities to the maximum extent feasible -Facilities built or modified after 1992 must be compliant -Remove architectural barriers -Communication barriers must be removed (braille signs, visually impaired) What is the order of priorities for ADA barrier removal recommended by the Department of Justice? 1. Access for those with disabilities ("get through the door") 2. Access to areas where programs and services are offered 3. Access to restrooms, drinking fountains, & telephone when facilities are open 4. Every individual should have the ability to benefit from services Customer expectations Based on the image/reputation of the agency, prior experiences with the agency, marketing/promotional material related to the agency, and word-of-mouth feedback from others
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