Angela Elder Week 9 Reverse Analytics Company: Arctic Fox on Instagram What is consistent? They use their customers as advisement. Why do you think they keep it consistent? Because it shows one that people are buying and loving their products as well as you can see the actual color of someone's real hair versus splotches of fake hair that does not really show of the color. What analytics might have been behind their decisions? The thought process behind shows they care for their audiences and want to engage with them. They used their product to be able to connect with their customers by using their customers. They knew that to be able to reach people they needed to use people. Why do you think they have high engagement? They are very much engage in their audience, I know first hand if you tag them in anything the will like our comment ( I have had them like a few of my post). They are real and honest and they do great giveaways. A post Why do you think they have high engagement? Their transformation videos seem to be able to get the most likes. I think this happens because it is like watching magic in front of your eyes and watching the before and after is very aesthetically pleasing. How are they different from the posts with low engagement? Their likes are pretty much consistent across all post, the lower likes seem to be more on photos that are just slightly lower quality. What posts have the lowest engagement? Lower quality photos ,
Find a post that has relatively low engagement and suggest two ways that post could be improved or changed for higher engagement. Submit your findings to this page. It seems the ones that have slights shadows in the pictures seem to get less likes just changing that may make more engagement. And I also notice if the person does not have a fresher haircuts seems to have less engagement so getting people with healthy hair
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