7.1 test

SNHU Pet Supply is a large pet-supply company that sells pet products. Their headquarter is in Manchester, New Hampshire, but has other stores in New England. Pet Supply believes in nothing but high-quality pet products at a reasonable price. Their new product, Frizzing Whizbee Disc, is not only high quality, but your pet will love playing with this disc. Not only will they love it, but your pet will want to play for hours, keeping them happy and healthy. The disc comes in many sizes and can be operated by a phone app. Using social media will increase brand awareness in a short period of time, which in return will increase their sales. This new product will peek the young, middle-class audience. This audience is all about staying fit and active especially their pet's health. Their income would be about $52,438 a year. This audience will be health conscious and active. They also engage in online content and are known to be internet savvy. These customers also use Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram for information and self-education. SNHU Pet Supply will emphasize on how their product is better than just a frisbee. That it's more than that, it's a way to obtain pictures of their dog having fun catching the disc and with ease. We make our product out of recyclable material that is of high quality and will last longer than most toys out there. The company will use their own pets in commercial ads showing how their pets love Frizzing Whizbee Disc. It will allow customers to see that the owners of the product not only have pets, but also stand by their product. Being genuine is important to customers. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) evaluates the success of an organization or of a particular activity (such as projects, programs, products and other initiatives) in which it engages (google
search). SNHU Pet Supply is looking to increase their revenue and to advertise their new pet product, the Frizzing Whizbee Disc. SNHU Pet Supply is currently reviewing how they advertise on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, tv commercials, and YouTube commercials is a good starting point. Marketing channels will help reach potential customers and saturate the market with their new product, Frizzing Whizbee Disc. This will also give the company the opportunity to demonstrate great customer service by responding to FAQs on social media. Online and digital marketing is a great way to interact with customers. Another avenue to use is email marketing. You can send emails out to customers and get responses back on the quality of your product and ask for suggestions. You can also give customers the opportunity to subscribe to receive discounts and sales. KPI can track how SNHU Pet Supply is doing in our marketing campaign by measuring likes, shares, and comments people leave on social media.
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