C2 Consumer and social well-being

Consumer Behaviour as a Field of Study Interdisciplinary influences on the study of CB: There is great diversity in researchers interested in CB both in their background and ap - Any given consumer phenomenon can be studied in different ways and at different lev training and interests of the researchers studying it. For example, psychology, marketi economics, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and others. - Should Consumer Research have an Academic or an Applied Focus? Should consumer research strategically focus on improving the effectiveness of marke focus on the understanding of consumption for its own sake? - The latter view has encouraged many to expand the scope of their work beyond the fie purchase of consumer goods such as food, appliances and cars, to embrace social prob or preserving the environment. - Two perspectives on consumer research: Consumer research can be classified by paradigm, which is the set of assumptions a re they are studying and how they study it. - C2: Consumer and social well-being Tuesday, 8 August 2023 15:23
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Philosophical assumptions Our philosophical assumptions influence how we view the consumer and the marketin - -
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