SC 218 Supermarket

Meal Plan Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Sunday Cereal, fruit, bacon Beef pot roast Sandwiches Apple & Cheese cubes Monday Cereal, fruit ,bacon Ham sandwiches/ fruit 2 Step Chicken Grapes & cheese stick Tuesday Cereal, fruit, bacon Turkey sandwich/ ranch and carrots Chicken Tacos Milk & strawberries Wednesday Cereal, fruit, bacon Leftover chicken tacos Spaghetti/ with broccoli Celery & peanut butter/ juice Thursday Cereal, fruit, bacon Mini charcuterie board Chicken Alfredo Cereal & milk Friday Pancakes w/ bacon Chicken salad w/ crackers Fresh chicken salad with ranch Frozen strawberries w/ whipped topping Saturday Whole-grain waffles w/ banana Tortilla turkey wraps Chick-fi-la Fruit cup Changes made to original Meal Plan: Sunday: 6 pieces of bread total, minus strawberries at breakfast Monday: 4 slices of bread total, 2 chicken breasts total Tuesday: Instead of granola bars, it is strawberries and milk for the snack Wednesday: no changes made Thursday: no changes made Friday: no changes made Saturday: Went to chick-fi-la instead of cracker barrel
Shopping list Pot Roast Gold Potatoes Salami Wheat thins Mayo Mustard String Cheese Cubed Cheese Sandwich cheese Whipped topping Cottage cheese Mozzarella cheese Granola bars Parmesan cheese Meat sauce Peanut butter Almond butter Milk (low-fat) Whole-grain waffle mix Whole grain/ Wheat bread Ham Turkey Lettuce Ranch Granola bars Spaghetti noodles Fettuccine noodles Whole-grain tortillas Apple Juice Orange juice Honey-nut cheerios Frosted mini wheats Bananas Blueberries Strawberries Frozen strawberries Cucumbers Broccoli Grapes Carrots Grape tomatoes Kiwi Yogurt Bacon Chicken breasts Chicken Salad
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