Marketing Experiential Exercise Option #2

1 Marketing Experiential Exercise Option #2 Adrian Lekaj Wilmington University MBA7600- Global Marketing Management Professor Jennifer Landis October 9, 2023
2 Marketing Experiential Exercise Option #2 The video I chose to summarize was one done by Gary Vaynerchuk who is an entrepreneur at heart. He currently is the Chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia, and the creator and CEO of VeeFriends. The name of the video was A Complete Marketing Strategy. Gary speaks about the framework of doing social brand work and building businesses that is an unorthodox compared to big large corporations. Gary believes in aiming to create forty to fifty consumer segments that are very specific. After this he moves onto another step that he calls PAC (Platforms and Culture). The reason for this is because you need to understand what platforms you are going to build your business for such as Facebook or Instagram. Once the framework is laid out your creative and strategy team is capable of going to work with clear steps in mind. Gary then defines a specific member of your strategy team that is called a PCS (Post Creative Strategist). Their job is to look at all the qualitive feedback to build a well-oiled machine. You then see what variables drive your company forward in terms of growth and begin to focus on those. As you continue to do this, the company will begin to eliminate consumer segments that are not hitting the company's mark. These goals also may lay out a new segment where you realize that the truth of the consumer is pushing the growth instead of the audacity of the board room. I think this could help me in my real estate business with my family because we are looking to find ways to infiltrate the market. As a business we have a hard time deciding what platforms we should use to help us get people to buy quicker. While Gary believes you should be on every platform, I think that Facebook would be our best bet due to more family setting. I also believe that creating more consumer segments would help us find out where our success lies. I play a critical role in marketing so this type of thinking will open new doors for our company.
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