Case study

Case Study Answers 1. Find a site on the Web that offers classified ads for horses. Compare this site to in terms of the services offered (the customer value proposition). What does The Exchange offer that other sites do not? There are several websites on the web that offer classified ads for horses. However, stands out because it offers a unique value proposition to its customers. The website provides an organized, professional process for preparing online horse sale advertisements that includes detailed forms for sellers to fill out, and insists on quality photos and videos for each horse advertised. As a result, the descriptions of each animal are accurate portrayals of its capabilities. In comparison, other websites may not have the same level of quality control, which may result in inaccurate portrayals of the horses for sale. 2. In what ways were social media effective in promoting The Exchange brand? Which media led to the highest increase in sales and inquiries? Why? The Exchange utilized various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to market their services, which proved highly effective in promoting their brand. As per Aslin, Facebook was the most successful platform, resulting in the highest increase in sales and inquiries. By using Facebook's targeted advertising capabilities, The Exchange was able to reach its desired audience of horse professionals based on interests and demographics, making it a highly effective platform for their marketing efforts. 3. Make a list of all the ways The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers. The Exchange attempts to personalize its services to both buyers and sellers in several ways. Firstly, the website provides a comprehensive listing of high-end competition horses that cater to the specific needs of horse professionals. Secondly, The Exchange offers a free consultation to sellers, where they can discuss their needs and goals for selling their horse. Aslin personally reviews all potential advertisers and turns down business where the horse is not as represented. This screening process ensures that the buyers are matched with the right horse for their needs.
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