6.11.23 7.1 final essay for MKT.229

MKT-229 7-1 Final Project SNHU Jamie Lancaster June 11, 2023
Background and Analysis SNHU Pet Supply is a huge firm that sells pet supplies. Their headquarters are in Manchester, New Hampshire, although they have stores throughout New England. Pet Supply only sells high-quality pet goods at reasonable prices. We're proud to promote that our business is operated and organized in the United States. Frizzing Whizbee Disc is a new toy line from SNHU Pet Supply. This will be a toy that will keep your dog or cat entertained. Their new product, Frizzing Whizbee Disc, is not only high quality, but your pet will love playing with this disc. They will not only like it, but they will want to play for hours, keeping them happy and healthy. The disc comes in a variety of sizes and is controlled by a phone app. Creative Strategy Statement and Creative Brief SNHU Pet Supply's target audience will be active customers who feed all-natural items to their dogs. Consumers who want nothing but the best for their dogs in order to keep them active and healthy. Because the majority of these customers will be computer proficient, we'll need to improve our website to attract their interest. You'll get a lot of beachgoers since you're on the coast, so concentrate on that. You'll target health-conscious pet owners who want the best for their dogs. You'll also target those who like coming to the beach. Customers that are physically active will be interested in purchasing pet items that will keep their pets active and healthy. With commercial success with their pet food brands and collaboration with Petco and other small businesses, SNHU should overcome their lack of new consumers. Campaigning with a combination of social media, television advertisements, and word of mouth will influence consumer loyalty. Using social media to boost brand recognition in a short
period of time will result in greater sales. Word of mouth has shown to be effective within our geographic region. This new product is aimed at a young, middle-class audience. This generation is obsessed with staying fit and active, especially when it comes to the health of their dogs. Their annual compensation is approximately $52,438. This target demographic is likely to be health-conscious and physically active. They are also known to be technologically sophisticated and to consume online stuff. These clients also use Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get information and educate themselves. SNHU Pet Supply will emphasize how their product is preferable to a frisbee. It's more than that; it's a way for them to capture photographs of their dog having fun and simply catching the disc. There is a wide selection of Frizzing Whizbee Discs to choose from. Whizbee is tough enough to withstand the play of large dogs and comes in sizes appropriate for smaller pets like cats. We make our product out of high-quality recyclable materials that will outlive most toys on the market. The disc may be operated wirelessly through an app on your smartphone and is compact enough to take anywhere. Folding allows for even more portability of the larger sizes. The company's pets will star in commercials touting the benefits of the Frizzing Whizbee Disc, which the company makes. In this way, consumers may see that the product's creators are pet owners who are also committed to their creation. Customers value authenticity. Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPI) assess the success of an organization or a specific activity (such as projects, programs, products, or other initiatives) in which it is involved (google search). SNHU Pet Supply wants to grow income and promote its new pet product, the Frizzing Whizbee Disc. SNHU Pet Supply is currently revising their social media advertising strategy. An
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