Mo7-Case Study Pringles Guess the Flavor Campaign

1 Case Study Pringles Guess the Flavor Campaign Diana Castillo IVY TECH Professor: Lisa Hughes-Ingram
2 What impact do you think this campaign had on Pringles sales? Why? The Pringles promotion, which attempted to entice customers by offering a surprise taste, had a substantial influence on the company's sales. Customers expect the new taste to be exactly as wonderful as the old variety, thus the ad capitalizes on their curiosity and imagination. This enthusiasm encourages more people to buy and try new tastes. In addition to training, the $10,000 prize encourages customers to purchase more Pringles, increasing profitability. This strategy has shown to be effective in increasing the company's business influence. What aspects of marketing promotion do you see demonstrated in this campaign? Pringles' advertising strategy successfully targets its target audience of potato chip fans. The promotion employs a distinct message that conceals the new taste, allowing customers to identify the aroma and maybe win. This sensory appeal is achieved by using immersive and immersive aspects that provide clients with a sense of thrill and tension. The marketing team skillfully promotes the new flavor by appealing to consumers' known taste
3 preferences. The immersive quality and sensory appeal of the campaign make it an outstanding compelling tool for marketing and sales. What is the purpose of running a promotion like this versus introducing the new flavor directly into the market? Marketing efforts may be distinctive, interesting, and innovative, especially when promoting new product releases and tastes. This method is extremely effective since it piques people's interest and motivates them to engage in the project. The target audience is more interested in taking part in the process, and Pringles offers a $10,000 incentive to the person who properly guesses the solution. Unlike typical tactics employed by many organizations, this unusual marketing plan has been successful in driving demand and growing income. Pringles effectively brought a new flavor to the market by integrating the demographic it was targeting in the process, showcasing the potential of creative marketing methods.
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