MKT 365 Week 2

Beyond Advertising Chapter 4 Orchestrating Value Creation across All Touchpoints More and More Ways to Connect In order to reach, serve, and stay connected with people in comprehensive and effective ways, advertisements scope must go beyond its traditional reach to encompass the entire firm The boundaries between external and internal touchpoints are blurring and will continue to do so The future of advertising and communications will move from channeling brand messages to designing and creating valuable consumer-brand interactions They will only be valuable to brands if the brand delivers relevant utility ot enjoyment at the right time, place, and social or physical context to the right people Advertisers must target conversations, not individuals The more touch points the better Location and word of mouth play a strong role in brand preference Make packaging that stands out - makes a touchpoint
The environment is becoming ambient - meaning we don't have to do anything to be connected, the environment will connect us Digital will be a facilitator and an enhancer to our lifestyles Empirical Evidence of the Influence of All Touchpoints A diversity of touchpoints drive word of mouth - people talk about a lot more than just traditional media Different touch points have more resonance in different product categories A Seamless Experience From the customer perspective, touchpoints with a brand or product are not differentiated - it is the seamless experience that matters Remove silos between e-commerce and in-store retail If people do not get the seamless experience they expect, they leave - or make it clear on social media that the brand does not have a clear message
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