Final Paper

1 Week 3 Identifying Target Markets Assignment Adrian Lekaj Wilmington University BMK305- Marketing Professor Kevin Kullen January 28, 2023
2 Week 3 Identifying Target Markets Assignment The class I have decided to market is an online program to become a certified soccer coach in the U.S. This is a great and easy way for those all around the world that do not have these types of in person classes around them, its flexible with everyone's schedules and allows them to eventually be able to share their love and knowledge for the game of soccer. The first step I would take in leading this program into the right direction is creating a target market. This is very important when starting a new business up because it finds those potential clients who may know others that are also interested in the same subject. " For your marketing to work, your clients need to spread your messages for you. If they already have a network of communication set up, they can talk to each other about you and your marketing messages can travel that much faster" (Thompson, 2023). This helps with growing your clientele at a much faster rate. For my business specifically, my target market will be individuals who are around twenty five to thirty years old, who have just completed their degree, who were student athletes and would love to continue to share their love for the game, or those who have decided that their adult leagues isn't doing enough for them anymore, after playing college soccer, and they would like to continue to share the knowledge. This person has been playing soccer most of their life, very athletic, and most importantly like to allow the sport to grow by teaching others. I will highlight this by making my key words either the website name or the first words you see on the homepage of my website. Words like, Knowledge, Growth, Love for Soccer, will all be included. My service will prove that it brings more to the table than other services because I will make it very homie and allow everyone to feel that it is not just an online class, that most just get done to
3 get done, but there will be hands on work to become certified, and there will also be help after certified, like networking opportunities for areas all around the country. Not only do we provide our clients with great certifications services, but we also help them find work in their area after. Moreover, I have used City to find myself a great area to base my company out of. From this website, I have decided that Raleigh, North Carolina will be the best area to base my company out of. When you think of great college soccer schools you think of UNC, Wake- Forest, Duke, I think you get the trend. North Carolina is home of a great number of successful college soccer programs. I have chosen Raleigh specifically because it is right I the areas of Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem, both great towns where huge soccer school reside, like UNC and Wake-Forest. Another reason for Raleigh, NC is that it is the capital of the state which brings in a lot more people and in addition this is a great city with lots of businesses, very popular, and many exciting attractions that bring people out to this area. To be more specific, this area is great for those coming out of college, an area most move to after college, who are looking for jobs and are working those hours to hour jobs hoping to find their forever job. My services will allow them balance on that 'cover the rent' job that they got during college or right out of college, and with allow them to not only continue what they have always loved to do, but continue to do it on their schedule and be set with a job right after. In addition, to become the best and most effective soccer coach certifier, I will analyze the different services that are already out there, find their cons and find ways to make their cons my pros. In order to be the best you need to understand your competitors and what they are giving out. This way I can either take ideas I may not have thought of myself, while also turning their problems into solutions onto my own website and certification process.
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