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MKTG 443
Oct 26, 2023
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Tyler Galanos 8/30/2023 MKTG 443 Assignment 2 The statement "Organizations purchase millions of notebook computers each year" tells us that there are a ton of laptops being purchased each year in the corporate world. When a purchasing manager is tasked with supplying the office with new notebooks, they have to look into what needs need to be fulfilled more than others. These criteria help ensure that the chosen brand aligns with the organization's needs, goals, and overall operational efficiency. Several critical criteria a purchasing manager might use to evaluate a particular brand of notebook computers include: 1. Performance and Specifications: This includes how well the notebook will run like processing power, memory, storage capacity, and graphics. These notebooks will have to meet or excel the company's needs for them to buy new notebooks. 2. Reliability and Durability: Notebooks need to be reliable, durable, and capable of withstanding general wear and tear that work notebooks can endure. Companies that have proven evidence of sturdy notebooks will be favored in this scenario. 3. Battery Life: Notebooks with long battery life are always more favored since businessmen are traveling often and may not have easily accessible outlets.
4. Build Quality: High-quality components and excellent craftsmanship go a long way when buyers are contemplating an expensive purchase. 5. Security Features: Companies value security due to the amount of important and confidential things that most organizations want to hide from competitors. 6. Compatibility: Having notebooks that are compatible with a company's software is crucial to saving money and the success of the notebooks. 7. Technical Support and Warranty: Reliable customer support and comprehensive warranty coverage ensure that any technical issues can be solved as quickly as possible. 8. Customization Options: Having notebooks that are customizable means a lot to a company, especially if they can have their logo engraved into them. 9. Operating System: Making sure the notebook is compatible with a company's current system is crucial in the buying process. 10. Price: While the price of the notebook is not a hard selling factor, it will surely help the sale if the notebooks are cheap and get the job done. In my opinion, the components that matter to me the most are as follows: performance and specifications, and reliability and durability. These components will directly affect the production of the notebooks and how much success the company will have with them. Also, technical support and warranty along with build quality also go a long way since all of these will make sure the notebooks will last much longer than they should.
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