MKTG 1041 - Assessment 3

Ishita Stephanie Ghosh S3843875 RMIT University MKTG 1041: Marketing Communication Assessment 3: Marketing Communication Authentic Assessment Case & Questions Tutorial Date: Monday 4:30pm
SECTION A Question 1a) Marketing segmentation can be described as the process of grouping the market into smaller market groups which include customers based of similar needs and wants as well as similar purchasing behaviours. There are many market segments which group different consumers together such as behavioural, demographic, geodemographic and lastly psychographic. Marketing segmenting is crucial as it allows business like Oliveira to effectively use resources to communicate their marketing message to the desired market segment, in other words to a desired group of consumers that will be more likely to purchase their products. This helps to not waste time advertising to those consumers that are disinterested with what Oliveira offers. It Is also important to remember that as a company you may not be able to serve all market segments, this can be due to financial resources or even time. By old adhering to a couple segments, marketers are able to gain a deeper understanding of the target markets and therefore work towards creating communication strategies which catch their eyes and include their wants and needs. When looking at the different segmentations, psychographic should be given more attention. This is due to the idea that it not only compares age, income, gender but also customers values, their lifestyles, habits, interests and many more things. This further provides marketers with more reasons as to why customers may purchase their products, and what their buyer behaviours are. This then would lead to market communications which play on what consumers want and need making the products more desirable. Estilo Sustentável is all about patchwork on old jeans to help with being environmentally sustainable, customers who purchase these jeans could be described as outgoing, rebellious, fashionable, younger, opportunistic. These customers would likely spend time on socialising and going out and would be interested in new and improved fashion. These customers would also be environmentally conscious. Rebellious as patchwork jeans would not be something which everyone wears or likes so these customers are willing to take a risk and be different. Fashionable once able because they are trying something new which is not popular or normal. 1b) Other segmentation determinant which are important and could help strengthen the profile of the target audience would be geographical segmentation as this would determine
whether or not Oliveira should market their products in rural or urban places. In most cases urban environments have access to more technology and electronic devices which allows them to be better connected and exposed to media campaigns, influencers and new fashion trends around the world. This would benefit Oliveira as more media exposure would mean their marketing campaigns would be reaching more people raising more awareness about the brand. In terms of demographic segmentation, the brand should look at aspects such as income, age and gender. Gender is important and Oliveira's customers are mostly women with 75% being females. Age is important as you would be looking at excluding women over the age of 50 or 60 depending on the location from the desired market. This is because in most places people tend to stop wearing jeans around the age of 50 and over meaning that it would waste Oliveira's time, money and resources marketing to them. Income is also very important when looking at the desired market as you would not be marketing the products to those of lower income as they may not be able to afford the products. 1c) The persona which includes each target segment which was previously mentioned would be in terms of demographic segmentation would be someone who is around the age of 15 to 30 as they are usually the age group that tends to wear jeans and fashionable things such as jeans with patchwork. Someone who is employed and is earning an income of what the average individual would be earning being around $60,000. This is because that would mean that they have enough money for day-to-day life along with extra wants that they might have. In terms of geographical segmentation Oliveira would be looking at individuals that live in the city. And lastly in terms of psychographic they should be looking for consumers who are free spirited, young at heart, fashionable and more as mentioned above. When you put those factors together your ideal consumer would be a female, lets name her Kim she is 24, who lives in the city and has a full-time job which brings in an income of around $65,000 annually. With this salary she is able to save for her future long with indulge in other things such as going out on the weekends for social gatherings with her family, friends and work-related events. She is fashionable and likes to keep up with new trends and experiment with her clothes. However, she is conscious of here her clothes are coming from and what goes on when it comes to making those items. She's aware of environmental issues
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