Marketing Interview Essay

Madison 2 Marketing Interview Essay: Why Marketing Principles is Relevant Brooks Madison MGMT 2340: Marketing Principles Dr. Ward November 22, 2022
Madison 2 Interviewing a current high-level marketer was an amazing tandem to our classwork and should be a necessary activity to truly understand what happens in the vast expanse of marketing. I was lucky to be able to interview LA-based integrated marketer Tracy Seng, the current head of custom projects and experiences at Sunset Magazine. I was amazed by the amount of crossover in jargon and acronyms that truly exemplify the usefulness of class material. This interview provided me with first-hand experience that broadened my understanding of marketing concepts and brought our class to life. Ms. Seng says her greatest day-to-day work responsibility is trying to meet customers where they are by understanding people's consumption patterns and finding ways to disrupt them is a primary goal of marketing in general. Different marketers have different strategies for doing so. Tracy does so by honing in on brand partnerships and marry like-minded brands with a voice to expand their respective audiences and build credibility with crossover markets. Tracy reintroduced me to the marketing funnel, which I could confidently say I understood from class. She remarked that in the past, brands did not pay close attention to awareness and skipped straight to conversion instead. One of the most important components of marketing is trust so creating brand awareness in a way that generates trust is crucial. I also had an interest in understanding the challenges wanted to know what Tracy faces in her work as a high-level marketer. She said Apple's privacy changes beginning with iOS14.5 have made meeting customers
Madison 2 where they are more difficult. In the past, it was simple to track your target market and hit consumers with advertisements in a succinct way that many appreciated on both ends of the transaction. In response to data breeches in Apple's software, the company made changes that hampered marketers' ability to tune into their market, forcing the industry to shift the way they interact with consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic also caused some major challenges for marketers like a lack of supply in all industries, which has led to less need for advertising. The motor vehicle industry is a prime example of this. There is a serious car shortage right now. In the past, car companies have been huge advertisement spenders, but are not spending as much post-COVID due to inconsistent product supply. Less advertising forces marketers to compete in a more challenging ecosystem. Tracy finds that the most rewarding part of her job is getting feedback of any kind. As we have discussed in class, marketing is a black box; you can only see what is being put into it, and what is taken away, therefore receiving some insight about what happens in between is extremely rewarding. For example, she shared with me that a client gave her a phone call recently to thank her for how well her implemented creative approach was working. She also reported that tangible data about how her ideas are faring in the form of conversion and click-through rates is also gratifying, which proves that marketers want to know what happens within the black box. Tracy also finds it rewarding when people interact with the brand in the
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