Week 3 ReflectionsAnnisa Ardiani

Annisa Ardiani - [email protected] - Statistical Measurements, Analysis, and Research "A brand could receive the highest favorability rank on a rank order scale of all the brands considered and still have poor sales." Discuss. I think the statement is true because many factors influence sales performance other than favorability rank itself: 1. Market Size. The brand might be highly favorable only to a small market size. This condition might lead to poor sales compared to brands that have bigger market sizes. 2. Competitive Factors. In the same industry, there might be tight competition between the brands. Therefore, a brand can be number 1 in terms of favorability, but the number 2 brand reaches bigger sales. 3. Distribution/supply chain. If the brand is highly favorable but cannot fulfill the market's demand, it might have poor sales due to a lack of distribution/supply chain management. 4. Economic conditions. A bad economic situation can influence the sales performance of a brand due to a lower consumer spending power, even though the brand is highly favorable in consumer's mind.
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