Lecture 4

1 24306 Services Marketing A Customer Experience Perspective Lecture 4: Service Failure & Recovery| Chapter 13 1 Agenda Agenda Service Failure 1 Service Recovery Strategies 2 2
2 Service Recovery (Chapter 13) Illustrate the importance of recovery from service failures in keeping customers and building loyalty. Discuss the nature of consumer complaints and why people do and do not complain. Provide evidence of what customers expect and the kind of responses they want when they do complain. Present strategies for effective service recovery, including ways to "fix the customer after a service failure and to "fix the problem." Discuss service guarantees—what they are, the benefits of guarantees, and when to use them—as a particular type of service recovery strategy. [Presentation Title] | [Date] 3 3 Where are we? Customer gap - expectations # perceptions How to listen and use the voice of customer (research) = minimise listening gap Service characteristics - challenges - service failure Opportunities = service recovery - guidelines 4 4 I hard to meet -> create mechanisms that we can listen to the consumer in their thoughts very common
3 Service Failure 5 Reliability is Critical in Service but... In all service contexts, service failure is inevitable. Service failure occurs when service performance that falls below a customer's expectations in such a way that leads to customer dissatisfaction. Service recovery refers to the actions taken by a firm in response to service failure to improve the situation for the customer. 6 -> have to know what to expect
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