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But how to know which vape pen brands are in a tier above the rest? That's where this guide comes into play. Down below, we've collected all of the best brands that'll never disappoint! SMOK If you've spent even a small amount of time in the vaping world, chances are good that you've heard of this brand. SMOK always makes a splash with every new item they produce. This is the brand responsible for the ingenious idea of adding variable voltages to mods. You never know what innovation they're cooking up next, but it's always made with the highest quality possible. If you're looking for a lot of customization options from a well-established brand, SMOK is the way to go. Vaporesso Looking for something that looks good and doesn't break the bank? Vaporesso is the brand for you. Despite their lower prices, they don't skimp out on quality. Their products last for a long time if given the proper care. They come in funky designs, delivering a unique vape with every pen or mod. That's not all. You'll also find LED displays, chipsets, and other customization options through this brand. And with the extra appeal of a lower price point, Vaporesso is a brand that will continue to be a favorite for years to come. Eleaf
Another brand that is good for your budget is Eleaf. They focus on giving their customers vaping gear that is of good quality at a good price. The best part about their products is the fact that everything is always easy to use and easy to maintain. Instead of weighing down their vaping gear with all the bells and whistles, they offer products that opt for simplicity. With this simpler approach, they're able to put more energy towards the longevity of their products. These products last for years due to the quality of their materials. While Eleaf offers many different products through their shop, they're most well known for their iStick series. This series has many great functions that work well for both the newest beginners or the most advanced users. Mig Vapor Once known as Mig Cigs, Mig Vapor is a well-balanced vape pen brand. Instead of specializing in a particular aspect of vaping, Mig is a jack of all trades. And they've mastered all of it. When you visit their online shop, Mig Vapor has anything you'd ever want from a vape store. Whether it's pens, mods, e-liquids, or even gear capable of vaping CBD oil. Their Morpheus Mod Kit, in particular, is versatile enough to work with all kinds of oils and juices.
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