Statistics are crucial in my role as a Catering Sales Manager for Marriott International. In the hospitality industry, we rely on data and statistical analysis to make informed decisions and provide excellent service to our clients. For instance, statistics can be used to assess customer preferences, track booking trends, and evaluate the success of various marketing strategies (Brant, 2018). By analyzing these statistics, I can identify areas for improvement, tailor our catering services to meet customer needs and develop data-driven pricing strategies that maximize revenue. Using statistics is instrumental in ensuring the success and growth of our catering business. Integrity is a significant core value when using statistics to prove a hypothesis in my line of work. Upholding the highest ethical standards is vital when collecting and interpreting data. Providing accurate and honest information in the hospitality industry is essential to building client trust. Any manipulation or distortion of statistics goes against the core value of integrity and can harm the company's reputation. Therefore, we must maintain transparency and integrity in using statistics and presenting data honestly and ethically to make informed decisions that benefit our clients and the company. In this way, statistics and integrity work hand in hand to improve the quality of service we provide and maintain the trust of our clients. Reference Brant, A. (2018). How our hotel chain uses data to find problems and humans to fix them . Harvard Business Review. https://hbr.org/2018/05/how-our-hotel-chain-uses-data-to-find-problems-and- humans-to-fix-them
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