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MBA 500
Oct 11, 2023
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10:06 all = 0 Project One Memo [fi - MIUUUULLWD airc susuaniavic. I and ecofriendly products are qwte popular eventually aII these boosts the revenue. generation, building return on investment (ROI) for social media initiatives for sustainable products. Jason Matt Lukis, M. (2021, September 9). A glimpse at Sephora's social media strategy. Medium. This will also create dedicated customer base due to sustainable products and loyalty programs stimulating repeat purchases across existing customer base and acquire new customer base like it did for Cosmetic Retail Brands like ULTA beauty. Conscious beauty at Ulta BeautyTM educates, guides & simplifies product ... (n.d.). Cross-Functional Considerations We can align rewards/memberships department with other ABC Corp. departments or divisions like sales and marketing to help achieve our goals and KPI. Some of the Global leaders Like Parfums by Christian Dior since 2020 has promoted campaigns adding the augmented reality for virtual try Ons facilitate convenient shopping experiences, enhance customer engagement and satisfaction on various platforms like WeChat, Google Platforms, and their own website. 5 retailers investing in virtual try-on tech: Street fight. Street Fight | The Business of Location. (2023, June 21). Forging partnerships with influencers, makeup artists and skincare professionals to enhance brand credibility and reach wider audience across social media which aligns with our 2023 key strategy of reaching global audience with healthy and high-quality sustainable products. (ABC Corp, TBL Strategic Statements). Planet (Osman) Objective: Primary objective of this goal is to reduce ABC Corp.'s carbon footprint overall. Strategy: Reduce the company's carbon footprint by adopting sustainable packaging materials and practices throughout its product packaging process. SMART KPI: Calculate the carbon footprint created from the packaging process and reduce it by 50% by next year. Analysis: Our goal should be to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing sustainable practices in our packaging process. This goal aligns with our 2023 key strategy of innovating our packaging process in a sustainable manner (ABC Corp, TBL Strategic Statements). It also serves to protect our marketing department from the threat of trend towards using less environmentally impacting products which was mentioned in 2023 SWOT Analyses (ABC Corp, Marketing: Threats). The first step of BenoT oot o e oy the current
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