IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Week 7 Marketing Management All Sections No unread replies.No replies. Dear Marketing Scholars, Welcome to Week 7, where we'll discuss pricing strategies. Pricing is such an important part of the marketing mix because a small change in price can have a big impact on the firm's bottom line. So please watch the Coursera videos before the Live Session. You should have sent out your Qualtrics survey by now, and we hope you get at least 30 responses . Live Sessions - Thursday at 8 PM, Friday at 10:15 AM and 4 PM This week we'll have a Case Match on Mountain Man Brewing Company, discuss current pricing issues in the news, undertake a pricing exercise, and review expectations for Week 7's team assignment. Deliverable - Team Financial Forecasts First and foremost, let us reassure you that we don't expect you to have taken any of the iMBA quantitative courses to do this assignment. The goal is to provide you with a template that you can use beyond this course and produce the necessary information for your final marketing plan. The financials will help persuade your audience that your marketing plan is one they should say yes to.
Remember: Watch the financials video before completing the assignment, as it should answer many questions, and do not type in the yellow boxes . You will not be graded on how accurate your answers are, but on how well you have followed the instructions and applied what you have learned. If you need additional assistance with pricing and forecasting, please see the suggested readings for Module 7. You only need to complete the marketing budget for your promotions, no need to include the whole marketing budget (e.g., product development costs). For your sales forecasts, only include the additional sales that your marketing plan creates , not the sales for the entire company or the cumulative sales. In other words, you should only include the incremental sales attributable to your marketing activities. If you have a subscription-based business model, please assume that one subscription = one unit (and only include new subscriptions in your forecast). You only need to produce ONE graph for the marketing return on investment (MROI). Please ensure that the graph includes the total MROI. Submit the completed template Excel file (only one team member needs to do so).
For your final marketing plan presentation's financial information, do not simply cut and paste from the spreadsheet. Think of the best way to present the information. You will receive feedback on your financial forecasts by Saturday, September 30th, so there will be time for you to incorporate any changes into your final marketing plan presentation. Look Ahead to Week 8 Week 8 is all about Promotion. You will need to complete your team final marketing plan presentation and individual teammate evaluation. And remember, the deadline for completing Coursera MOOC 1 and MOOC 2 is Tuesday, October 3rd. Office Hours - Saturday at 4PM, Monday at 8AM and 7PM If you have any questions about the financial forecasts or the final marketing plan presentation, please come to office hours, as we enjoy discussing your questions and getting to know you. Social Hour - Sunday October 1st at 6PM Please join us for our Social Hour with your favorite drink (doesn't have to be alcoholic) to socialize and get to know each other better. The only rule - no class work talk! Now go out into the world, armed with pricing and budgeting knowledge, and be successful!
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