MKT 311 -Milestone Three -Draft of Success Metrics and Next Steps

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MKT 311
Oct 15, 2023
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1 Milestone Three - Draft of Success Metrics and Next Steps Southern New Hampshire University Shantia Wesley MKT 311: Mobile Marketing Professor Jeffrey Tracy October 1, 2023
2 Monitoring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is crucial for assessing its performance and making necessary adjustments. Customer surveys and feedback are excellent instruments used to measure marketing initiatives. With customer surveys, businesses could gain information on how customers discovered their company, and if they are overall satisfied with the company's customer service and products. To make this an even sweeter process, the survey could be implemented into the customer point of sale process both in-store and online. Marketing departments are then able to identify which campaigns were successful in drawing customers to complete purchases. Reports from Google Analytics are a great example of a tool that can help with keeping track of mobile marketing activities. You may track and view several Google Analytics metrics in a single dashboard using a Google Analytics Report, which is a one-stop utility. According to Kapoor (2021), using google analytics, gives business the power to develop an understanding of their users, visitors and customers on using their website, and having behavioral data of the users can help you to change your website and can improve your business. The application also aids in the generation of innovative concepts for businesses by marketing teams. An effective mobile marketing strategy requires not just the right quantity of "attention- gathering," but also the ability to track results and make improvements as necessary. To ascertain whether the company is thriving, The Children's Place can create a marketing campaign and then track it with a Google Analytics report. For instance, the millennial mothers in the United States would be the target market since they are frequently the ones looking for children in the age range that The Children's Place caters to. The organization can use their Google Analytics report to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing strategy once
3 the marketing initiatives are in place. The Children's Place will be able to establish whether their target audience was successfully reached based on the findings from the reports. In the event that they don't, they will be able to make the required changes to attain their goal. For a mobile marketing strategy to be optimized, performance metrics' data must be used. One step toward optimization is to review the KPIs that the marketing team developed for the business. Another method includes determining the high-performing traffic-generating channels, such as social media, email, Google Ads, etc. To optimize the impact of various channels, resources should be carefully implemented. By tapping into behavior data, the business can also examine user behavior to see how people interact with its app or website. Since optimization is a continuous process, the business will be able to respond to changing trends, user behaviors, and market conditions for continued success in its mobile marketing campaigns by routinely collecting and evaluating performance data. The campaign's continual objective is for the company to be well-known on all the many digital channels, including social media, SMS, and mobile apps. Facebook is the most popular social media site in the United States, with a 77% usage rate, according to Statista (2022). An organization can engage with the global community by enhancing its digital footprint. An organization would want to engage with people outside of the nation in which it is based. Even after a successful mobile marketing campaign, it is crucial to keep up with these strategies to ensure that sales continue to climb. Staying at the forefront of mobile marketing requires embracing tactics and technologies. Voice search optimization is another mobile marketing strategy that might be used, and it involves using a voice assistant to guide users through a mobile app or website. These include "Siri" from Apple and "Alexa" from Amazon.
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