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FAM 0026
Oct 20, 2023
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What phenomenon of the global marketplace is the Coralius VP championing with her global brand-building strategy? The three models represent South Asia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe, the VPs at Coralius see this as a big opportunity to feature their products in these places. She suggests that Coralius should make 3 new eye color palettes, one for each market so they can be promoted, this way every region can be well represented by the models and give a good reception for the release of the movie What promotional initiative is the best option for Coralius? The VP is trying to promote the three regions, Western Europe is trying to be a bit more independent than the rest with the creation of a webpage for their region, South Asia belief that local marketing is better for them as there are some cultural differences with the US, but they still think that a global image could also work for some areas of the country. The easter Europe doesn't seem to be the best option because they do not believe that one image for everybody would as they seem that the Easter region should have a more local marketing What are some of the disadvantages of a global brand-building strategy that the Coralius VP downplays? One of the issues is that there is a risk of loss in the marketing because when entering a new market there is a chance that the requirements to succeed in this specific market are not enough, a lot of entrepreneurs see the globe as one economy which takes then to launch a product as one, this way of promoting is not effective in a global range mainly because at the end every culture has their own perception of things How can the VP convince her CEO and the opposing regional head that Coralius should push a global strategy? The VP must show that the cost of this project will bring great financial benefits to the company, creating just one plan of cost instead of multiples for every region will allow them to go global in an easer way as they can focus on one common goal instead of splitting it
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