MKT205 Module Five Milestone

1 Module Five Milestone Worksheet: Place Tara Bates Southern New Hampshire University MKT 205: Applied Marketing Strategies Erin Black June 3, 2023
2 PRODUCT "healthy" carob (chocolate substitute) bars PERSONA Blaire, 32 PLACE CHANGES IN THE MARKETPLACE Change in the marketplace: The purchasing habit is what recent change in the marketplace that I would like to explore because purchasing habits can effect the sale of product in every distribution channel by either decreasing the amount being bought or increasing it. How the change addresses the distribution of products to my persona: For my persona, Blair, she is a on the go mom who also works so she has a rushed purchase habit in order to accommodate her busy schedule/budget so her purchasing habits can change at any given moment. This can lead to a increase or decrease in her purchase of any given product due to availability and convenience because she needs to be able to purchase it in the fastest way possible in the most available quantity for her budget. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Potential distribution channel and why it is appropriate for my product and persona: The potential distribution channel I recommend for my product, "healthy" carob bars, would be an indirect channel due to companies using intermediaries. The intermediaries can create efficiencies by streamlining the number of transactions one must make because each transaction takes time and costs money to conduct. Intermediaries help sell the products better than the company could by working alone (Tanner & Raymond, 2020). They have capabilities the producer needs: contact with many customers or the right customers, marketing expertise, shipping and handling capabilities, and the ability to lend the producer credit are among the types of help a firm can get by utilizing a channel partner (Tanner & Raymond, 2020).
3 REFERENCES Tanner, J., & Raymond, M. A. (2020). Applied marketing strategies . Soomo Learning.
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