Local vs global marketing strategies

It is important to recognize that specific marketing practices should differ from country to country. A successful marketing mix in one country may not be successful in another country. By recognizing this, marketers will be able to understand the extent to which it is possible to create an effective marketing mix with a standardization approach, as well as appreciate the extent to which adaptation is required. Today, it is difficult to find companies that follow only standardization strategies. Even a company such as Coca-Cola makes adaptations to local markets. The range of products offered, packaging and even taste vary from market to market, e.g. the formula of Coca-Cola is different in the US than in Mexico. McDonald's, which uses some standardized strategies, also provides variation in its products e.g. in some countries beef or pork are not on the menu. For more examples of Macdonald's strategies refer to Table 1-5 on page 14. Global marketing strategies may include a combination of standard and nonstandard approaches. Table 1-3 on compares a Single-Country Marketing strategy with a Global Marketing Strategy (GMS).
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