1 © 2021 Lee Hecht Harrison LLC. Develop Your Brand Learn strategies to develop personal brand for career management What is personal brand? Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon, once said ... 'Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.' Your personal brand is your business armour — it's how you get recognised and remembered. Why is a personal brand so important? Differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. Present your unique value. Help others understand WHAT you do. Network through social media for career opportunities. Provide an understanding of your reputation Being unemployed is your situation ; it is not your brand or identity ! Five steps to develop your brand 1. Know yourself What are your skills, strengths, values and accomplishments?
2 © 2021 Lee Hecht Harrison LLC. 2. Differentiate yourself from others What makes you unique? How can you add value to an organisation through your personal brand? As a project manager ... 3. Communicate your brand Use your branding statement to communicate your brand: I am a and my specialty is helping achieve I do this by given my I have been successful because of What's unique about me and my approach I am the same ... Meet deadlines, stay within budget, develop and manage project requirements and connect with customer needs. I am different ... Process improvement background, compliance background to effectively manage risk, communication and collaboration skills, liaise with developers and business unit.
3 © 2021 Lee Hecht Harrison LLC. Sample branding statement: Customer Service Representative I am a resourceful customer service representative recognised for my commitment to impeccable service. I successfully leverage my knowledge of company products and mastery of online technology to facilitate customer inquiries. The ability to solve problems for individuals comes naturally to me, while maintaining stellar quality scores throughout my career. 4. Use social media to build your brand Hiring managers use a variety of social media platforms, with the most popular being LinkedIn. Your online presence Update your LinkedIn ® account: - Give and ask for recommendations. - Follow industry groups and join targeted groups. Search your online presence: - Enter your name in Google. - Re-examine all social media accounts. - Remove anything viewed as controversial. Request friends and family take down questionable content. Build your personal brand virtually Be intentional about scheduling time to maintain and build your network. Attend virtual professional career fairs and networking events. Always follow up an event with a thank you, via email or LinkedIn. Practise your virtual presence Have your camera at eye level. Speak clearly. Relax and expand your shoulders. Sit closer to the edge of your seat. Smile and be enthusiastic. Avoid frowning or staring. Pay attention. Use hand gestures.
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