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Nov 8, 2023
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FED UP DOCUMENT/WORKSHEET 2023 NEW REVIEW UPDATE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Based on the introduction, what do you expect to learn from the film? - I expect to learn about the effects of obesity and the increasing rate of obesity. It may follow the life of kids who are obese. Why is there a difference between 160 calories in almonds compared to 160 calories in soda? - Because of the fiber in the almond , it will take longer to digest due to the fiber whereas with soda, it has no nutrients so immediately turn into fat. Why did 20 doctors resign from the American Academy of Family Physicians? - Because coca cola partnered with the family physicians and they believe it's contradictory to their beliefs and what they stand for. Why does the film compare sugary beverages to the tobacco industry? - The film industry compares sugary beverages to the tobacco industry because it is addictive and causes long term problems. What happens to your body when you eat sugar? What are the after-effects? - It goes to your liver forcing your body to make more insulin. It can affect your brain making you believe your more hungry. Are all "low fat" foods considered healthy? By labeling items as "low fat," what did the food - A lot of low fat foods use sugar to replace the absence of the fat and make up for the taste. Companies can still make money because people will believe they are eating healthy while still buying the product. Why did the World Health Organization decide to delete the sugar recommendation from reports? - An administrator named tommy thompson told the organization that they wouldn't pay them unless they deleted the document Some people worry that government is playing too big of a role in peopleʼs lives and therefore, shouldnʼt be responsible for decisions about what people eat. F or example, the former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, wanted to limit the sizes of sugary drinks in New York City. Do you think the government should step in and set limits, or leave it up to the public to decide what to consume? - (opinion based) I feel as though the government should step in to an extent. I think that the government needs to help inform the public better and i think that they don't step in because they too make money off of the sale of goods as well. Michelle Obama helped push for more healthy eating through campaigns and it did impact positively.
What is the role of the advertising industry in marketing to children? Do you believe that the advertising around you impacts your own food decisions? Do you feel taken advantage of? - Advertising specifically works to gain the interest of certain markets. They market to a specific demographic in order to increase sales. Using images of cartoons and popular people, making it fun, etc, helps convince people to buy more food. For me it doesn't necessarily impact m decisions as a whole but it does play a small part. I think it's smart marketing but it isn't beneficial . Why do you think the filmmakers chose to include the cemetery so close to the end of the film? - I think it's foreshadowing what your future could be if you continue down the path of obesity. What sort of foods does your school cafeteria provide? Are there healthy options? If so, what do you see that has improved? If not, what would you like to see added? - our school has "healthy" options for food. They provide regulated foods that are supposedly healthy. However in my opinion these foods are extremely processed to preserve sef life. The foods are hard, stale, most probably rotten, and is junk. If i could make one change it be healthier fresher options rather than long lasting bad one. How do you think you can improve your own diet? - (opinion based) What do you think can be done to improve health at your school or in your community? - (opinion based)
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