RAMSEY CLASSROOM CHAPTER 5 REVIEW NEW REVIEW SOLUTION UPDATE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2023 --will often cause you to spend more than you've budgeted for a category. - ANS impulse buying You're a victim of-- if someone used your card without your permission. - ANS card fraud Your brain uses the-- to process and manage stress responses. - ANS amygdala Identifying a specific product by its logo, jingle, or name is called-- - ANS brand recognition If you've ever bought something and then felt guilt or regret later, you've experienced ---. - ANS buyer's remorse --occurs when you use shopping to change or boost your mood. - ANS retail therapy --is all the ways the value of a product or service is communicated. - ANS marketing --is when someone else uses your personal information to commit fraud. - ANS identity fraud When you choose to spend your money now instead of investing it so it's worth more in the future, you experience the - ANS opportunity cost Since it's where most young adults spend their time, 50% of retailers spend at least half of their marketing money on - ANS mobile social advertising What's the first thing you need to have so you can develop power over purchase? Cash A budget A credit card Mobile pay - ANS a budget Where's the main place a young adult can find daily examples of targeted marketing? Social media Radio Television Billboards - ANS social media Short, entertaining ads on social media are called what?
Retargeting Content marketing Snack videos Native advertising - ANS snack videos When you're buying things online, what should you look for first? A good price An HTTPS site Good reviews Digital payments - ANS an HTTPS site What's the main reason why people have trouble being content?Comparison Income Marketing Patience - ANS comparison Impulse buying is a surefire way for you to do what? Get a deal Find personal contentment Spend less Bust your monthly budget - ANS bust your monthly budget
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