KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY END OF 3 rd TRIMESTER 2015 (FT) EXAMINATION FACULTY : EDUCATION, ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPARTMENT : HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM UNIT CODE : HTTM 304 UNIT TITLE : SERVICE MARKETING FOR HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM TIME : 2 HOURS INSTRUCTIONS: Answer ALL questions in Section A and choose two questions in Section B. Question One (a) Outline five promotional tools applicable in the tourism and hospitality services. (5 marks) (b) Outline the steps involved in tourism and hospitality service marketing research. (5 marks) (c) Enumerate five roles played by tour operators in the distribution of tourism services. (5 marks) (d) Name five factors to consider while pricing hospitality and tourism package. (5 marks) Page 1 of 2
(e) Highlight the steps involved in the hospitality and tourism consumer decision making process. (5 marks) (f) Highlight the service gaps expected in Hospitality and Tourism industry. (5 marks) SECTION B Question Two (a) State the distribution strategies through which tourism institutions can adopt to distribute their services in a competitive market. (5 marks) (b) Describe the strategies applicable in each of the stages of the tourism product life cycle to ensure there is customer satisfaction and profit maximization. (10 marks) Question Three Describe the roles of each of the extended marketing mix in the promotion of Hotels and Tourism facilities. (15 marks) Question Four Discuss strategies that a hospitality manager will apply to manage each of the unique characteristic of services to maximize customer satisfaction in his/her facility. (15 marks) Page 2 of 2
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