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Nov 7, 2023
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1 Digital Business and Principals of Marketing Student's Name Institutional Affiliation Course Professor's Name Date
2 Digital Business and Principals of Marketing This advertising campaign is aimed at the males of Shelford and the surrounding regions who used to play rugby but quit because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people in this age range have opted out of playing rugby due to potential virus transmission concerns. The suggested campaign will encourage people to join in walking and tag rugby tournaments with minimum to no physical contact because of the positive effects on participants' mental and physical health. The intended audience's wellness and security concerns have clearly been considered in the campaign's message. It is reasonable to assume that this group will respond well to a strategy that employs low-contact games like walking and tag rugby and emphasizes involvement's health and social advantages. Additionally, campaign goals of getting more middle-aged and older men interested in rugby and leading more physically active lives are more likely to be realized if the intended audience's needs and interests are taken into account. The target audience is the senior population since these individuals are the most likely to be rugby fans and attend Shelford rugby club activities. The fact that this community has ceased going to activities because of the epidemic raises serious concerns about their emotional and physical well-being. Thoughtful consideration was shown toward this group in the suggested plan by using COVID-safe practices and offering fold-up seats for people who have trouble standing for extended periods. Efforts to publicize events and provide fans with a more secure and pleasant environment to watch and participate in rugby are encouraging. Such programs inspire more engagement and provide a platform for underserved individuals to share their perspectives, increasing their chances of forming meaningful relationships and enhancing their quality of life.
3 The ethical and environmental elements of life must be considered in today's society, including sports. An excellent illustration of how people should put the security and welfare of all people first is the non-contact version of rugby for a certain age range. People are making the world a better and more inclusive place by inventing accessible activities that anybody, despite their physical ability, may enjoy. Moreover, participants may avoid health concerns like COVID- 19 by minimizing their social interactions. In addition to helping people, this method establishes an ethical norm that prioritizes the well-being of its subjects ( Ghalmane et al., 2019) . As with safety, environmental concerns highlight the need to keep playing conditions and grounds in excellent shape. The environment plays a vital part in our daily lives, and our choices may have far-reaching consequences. In addition to protecting players from harm, we are also doing our bit to lessen the game's environmental impact by creating ideal playing circumstances. Therefore, people may make the world a better place for everyone by integrating environmental and ethical principles into sports. In addition, environmental factors highlight the need for regular field maintenance to protect the health and safety of players. Keeping up with routine maintenance, including repairs, will help reduce the likelihood of accidents. In general, the ethical and environmental factors provide a road map for the safe and long-term introduction of new sports and activities ( Ghalmane et al., 2019) . The current and future generations may participate in sporting events without compromising their health or safety. It provides a reason to think about how our decisions may affect others and the world at large and to behave accordingly. The campaign's major goal is to encourage interaction and foster connections with prospective buyers. Metrics such as the number of subscribers obtained, the number of views and opinions on promotional materials, and similar data may reveal what kinds of content are
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