BIO979Case Study

BIO979: Case Study 2022-02-25 1) What is the marketing slogan of Skittles?: 1) Finger lickin' good 2) Have it your way 3) Eat Mor Chikin 4) Taste the rainbow 2) What does the flag of Belgium look like?: 1) Two equal horizontal bands of red and white. 2) Red field with a yellow sun in the center. 3) Red with five yellow stars in the top left. 4) Three vertical bands of black yellow and red. 3) Which character was accompanied by a wizard named Akiro in two 1980s movies?: 1) Hercules 2) Thor 3) Xena 4) Conan 4) Which country is associated with the drink tuica?: 1) Denmark 2) Finland 3) Latvia 4) Romania 5) Which author wrote 'Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka'?: 1) Virginia Woolf 2) Alexander Pushkin 3) Ayn Rand
4) Nikolai Gogol 6) What traditional Hawaiian dish is made by pounding cooked taro root into a paste and is traditionally eaten with fingers?: 1) Lomi-lomi 2) Huli-huli 3) Kalua 4) Poi 7) What is the last word in the New Testament?: 1) End 2) Hallelujah 3) Beyond 4) Amen 8) Name the movie that matches the following plot summary: 'The lives of mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of bandits intertwine in four tales.': 1) Saving Private Ryan 2) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 3) Memento 4) Pulp Fiction 9) What is the name of the founder of Tesla Motors?: 1) Jeff Bezos 2) Bill Gates 3) Mark Zuckerberg 4) Elon Musk 10) In which country would you find the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rani-ki-Vav?: 1) Hungary 2) Israel
3) Russia 4) India 11) Which actor played the role of Roger "Verbal" Kint in The Usual Suspects?: 1) Johnny Depp 2) Sean Penn 3) Samuel L. Jackson 4) Kevin Spacey 12) The Louvre is an iconic museum in what city?: 1) London 2) New York City 3) Rome 4) Paris 13) What is codicology the study of?: 1) Water 2) The nature and origins of knowledge 3) Microorganisms 4) The preparation of books and manuscripts 14) Which sport is played at Roland-Garros?: 1) Cricket 2) Ice Hockey 3) Soccer 4) Tennis 15) What does the flag of Qatar look like?: 1) Three equal horizontal bands of green white and red. 2) Three equal vertical bands of black yellow and red. 3) Three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and red.
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