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Nov 6, 2023
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1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) del - B Understanding Your Customers Where Are You Now Conduct a SWOT Analysis State Your Objectives Gather Information About Your Target Audience Select the Social Media Mix Establish Social Media User Experience Guidelines Create Your Action Plan Monitor, Manage and Measure Who are they and what are they like? What types of media do they consume? How do they find you now? What is your market share and your potential? What are you doing in social right now? Assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats What do you expect to accomplish...increase sales? Decrease costs? Improve customer services? And, specifically through the use of Social and digital media how do you plan to do this? What are our segments for targeting? -- new products, new markets, existing markets for upsell or cross sell, existing markets for retention purposes, reactivating "inactives" What are the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your segments to target? Which segments are best to approach via social and digital channels? Will the plan include social communities like Facebook? Will the plan include social media publishing sites like YouTube or a blog? Will the plan include social Gaming in some fashion? Will the plan include opportunities for social couponing, social ratings, social retail? Note: for this section you must also closely consider what your competition is doing in this space. Are we sending a consistent message and feel across the channels? How will we encourage engagement for each channel? Does our social strategy support our traditional strategy? How can we create and foster advocates? Can we incorporate social reminders in traditional media messages? Who is responsible for each component? What is the schedule/timing of the plan? What is the budget? Name one person to monitor the plan and hold regular update meetings Determine before hand how you will measure the success of your efforts
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