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4. What type of marketing involves promoting products or services directly to consumers, often through tactics like advertising and social media? a) B2B marketing b) Inbound marketing c) Outbound marketing d) Content marketing 5. In the context of alternative investments, which strategy involves taking both long and short positions in different securities to profit from market inefficiencies? a) Market neutral. b) Momentum. c) Event-driven. d) Macro. 6. What is the financial term for the process of spreading investments across different asset classes to reduce risk? a) Diversification b) Leverage c) Hedging d) Arbitrage 7. What is a test stub and what is its purpose in software testing? a) A dummy module that simulates behaviors of complex dependencies - used to isolate code under test. b) A small test case that covers a single code branch - used to reduce assertions. c) A minimal interface without functionality - used to test error handling. d) A record/replay tool to parameterize tests - used to test workflows.
8. What is the name of the Web 3 concept that refers to the integration of physical and digital worlds through technologies like augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT)? a) Metaverse b) Virtual reality c) WebVR d) Mixed reality 9. What are some important considerations in cryptographic key management? a) Secure generation, distribution, storage, rotation, revocation - prevent compromise. b) Relying on default vendor key management. c) Keys do not need special handling or access control. d) Focus protection only on public keys. 10. Which historical Silk Road city, located in present-day Uzbekistan, was known for its grand bazaar and as a center for trade, culture, and scholarship? a) Samarkand b) Kashgar c) Bukhara d) Xi'an
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