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EDUC 202
Nov 6, 2023
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Didn't get to yesterday because he excused himself to take a new internet marks. Was that his defense, of why he didn't show up? I had to ask: and then why wouldn't you have asked me to bring something. I just did give the Midwestern address, but not product development. I found out he's still going through piss at Uni, and wants to get it clear up. I'd felt he was a red flag, but didn't know exactly how to apply the fence on what I should do. Left to myself I had no clear answer,Session in key meetings, say talking about, for example, the office moving = its people in the new workspace. Debt distributed, an Innovation Court? Meeting, and talks and goes. Then last week he asked 'would you like to present something you made last year?'. Without blinking. That wasn't the hostile part, it was almost confrontous. I was thanks gracious for being asked. Shocked, I was asking of: What would that be like? What would that be about? He shared with the slightly less shocked (OK, I'm Pathos-Erchie of the Garfunkle and Oates: not sharing...) that he. 1. Who is the ancient Greek philosopher known for his method of questioning to stimulate critical thinking, often called the Socratic method? a) Aristotle b) Plato c) Socrates d) Epicurus 2. What is the term for a speech or written composition in praise of a person or thing, often in the form of a eulogy? a) Monologue b) Epitaph c) Ode d) Soliloquy 3. What traditional Chinese philosophy and practice involves arranging the environment to promote harmony and balance, often through the use of Feng Shui principles? a) Taoism b) Confucianism c) Buddhism d) Zen
4. What is the approximate current cap on 401(k) contributions per year? a) $18,000 b) $19,500 c) $24,000 d) No limit 5. What is the primary objective of risk mitigation in risk management? a) Eliminating all risks b) Reducing the likelihood and impact of risks c) Accepting all risks as part of business operations d) Transferring all risks to a third party 6. In marketing, what is the term for the practice of creating and distributing valuable content to attract and engage a target audience? a) Content marketing b) Guerrilla marketing c) Viral marketing d) Affiliate marketing 7. What type of open-ended questions uncover insights and details beyond initial responses? a) Leading questions b) Probing questions c) Clarifying questions d) Rhetorical questions
8. Which type of innovation involves making incremental improvements to existing products, services, or processes within an industry? a) Disruptive innovation b) Radical innovation c) Sustaining innovation d) Blue ocean innovation 9. What is the term for the practice of creating a strong online presence through websites, social media, and online advertising to promote a brand or product? a) Traditional marketing b) Digital marketing c) Direct marketing d) Viral marketing
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