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ELCT 133
Nov 3, 2023
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b) Venus c) Mars d) Jupiter 4. What is the process by which a car's engine is turned off and restarted automatically to save fuel and reduce emissions when the vehicle is stopped? a) Cruise control b) Idling c) Start-stop system d) Turbocharging 5. The traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, emphasizing harmony, balance, and simplicity, is known as: a) Sumi-e b) Ikebana c) Origami d) Calligraphy 6. What is the name of the Chinese government agency that censorship and regulates the internet and media in China? a) Ministry of Culture b) Cyberspace Administration of China c) State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television d) National Radio and Television Administration 7. What technique involves breaking down tasks into smaller and smaller subtasks to identify inefficiencies? a) Fishbone diagramming b) Affinity diagramming
c) Mind mapping d) Root cause analysis 8. What are some potential benefits and risks of outsourcing application development or technology operations? a) Access specialized skills/scale, lower costs but communication gaps, knowledge loss, and quality risks. b) Outsourcing should be avoided in most cases due to risks. c) Provides only benefits, negligible risks. d) Mainly impacts human resources management. 9. What is the financial term for the process of making a product available for purchase in physical stores or online? a) Market analysis b) Market distribution c) Market research d) Market penetration
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