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Nov 3, 2023
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MKT 315: Midterm Exam 2022/2023 Chapters 1 - 4.100% Correct Questions & Answers. 1 A combination of products and services offered to consumers or other businesses is called: Business's offering concept 2 Although Desert Bottled Water has faced numerous lawsuits for manufacturing plant emissions that have polluted the ocean, it is currently promoting its bottle recycling campaign. This initiative is an example of . Reactive CSR 3 Products such as "VHS tapes" are examples of: Product forms 4 When few sellers control most of the sales, it is: Oligopoly 5 A physical setting where services are produced, delivered, and consumed and consists of the conditions, layout, and any symbols or imagery in the space that influence the creation and delivery of services, the perceived quality of services, and transactions between service providers and customers is: Tangible evidence
10 11 6 When visiting a foreign marketplace, Jim notices numerous billboards with the same unique images. This is an example of . Cultural symbols Savory Seafood Restaurant demonstrated when it publicized its partnership with a cooking oil recycling company to recycle all of its used cooking oil. Green marketing 8 Recent reports show that % of consumers report that they trust online reviews lef by other consumers as much as personal recommendations. 85 9 Good customer service leads to: Both increased loyalty and future sales The marketing mix consists of 4P's. The extended service marketing mix includes what three (3) P's: People, process and physical evidence The business model that involves creating value and satisfying consumer needs is: Marketing concept 7
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 When a country imposes a tariff that will benefit a local industry, this is a form of . Protectionism ------ offers a 100-night trial, promising to accept returned mattresses "for any reason" and donate them to charity: Tuf & Needle Maslow's hierarchy of needs is: Self-actualization, esteem, love, safety, physiological Which is helpful for the marketers to evaluate between risk and reward? Ansoff matrix Which of the following refers to specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely, and pertains to formulation of organizational objectives that are clear and measurable? SMART goals Which of the following key perspectives is not considered while performing the situation analysis? Suppliers The Likert scale comes under:
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