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a) Scarcity marketing b) Incentive marketing c) Niche marketing d) Viral marketing 5. What is the term for an order in Forex trading that is triggered when a currency pair reaches a specific price, and it is executed at the best available price? a) Limit order b) Market order c) Stop order d) Take profit order 6. Who was the Mongol ruler that conquered much of Asia in the 13th century, creating one of history's largest empires? a) Kublai Khan b) Timur c) Genghis Khan d) Ogedei Khan 7. What is the term for the practice of creating a strong online presence through websites, social media, and online advertising to promote a brand or product? a) Traditional marketing b) Digital marketing c) Direct marketing d) Viral marketing 8. What is the term for a humorous imitation of a work of literature, art, or music that exaggerates or mocks its style, content, or subject? a) Caricature b) Pastiche
c) Parody d) Homage 9. In computer engineering, what does the acronym "CPU" stand for? a) Central Processing Unit b) Computer Power Utility c) Circuit Programming Unit d) Centralized Peripheral Unit 10. In computer science, what term is used to describe a high-speed data storage layer that stores a subset of data, typically transient, for quick retrieval? a) Database b) Cache c) RAM d) Hard drive
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