Marketing management Syllabus first semster.2022

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May 23, 2023
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1 QF-AQAC-03.02.01 Course Syllabus 1 Course title Marketing Management 2 Course number 1604404 3 Credit hours 3 hours Contact hours (theory, practical) 3 hours 4 Prerequisites/corequisites - 5 Program title Bachelor in Marketing 6 Program code 04 7 Awarding institution University of Jordan 8 School Business 9 Department Marketing 10 Course level 11 Year of study and semester (s) 2022 -First Semester 12 Other department (s) involved in teaching the course Business 13 Main teaching language English 14 Delivery method Face to face learning Blended Fully online 15 Online platforms(s) Moodle Others Microsoft Teams Skype Zoom ......... 16 Issuing/Revision Date 17 Course Coordinator: Name: Doa ' a Hajawi Contact hours: 11:0012:00 Mon - Wed 14:30-15:30 Sun-Tues-Thrs
2 QF-AQAC-03.02.01 Office number: Phone number: Email: [email protected] 18 Other instructors: Name: Dr. Farah Shishan Office number: Phone number: Email: [email protected] Contact hours: 1-2 all week days 19 Course Description: As stated in the approved study plan. This course is intended to integrate the materials learned in all other marketing course works as well as prepare the student for a career in marketing. This course is designed to push students analytical and marketing abilities while empowering students to make critical marketing decisions based on a combination of facts, assumptions, and critical judgments. Emphasis is on the application of the marketing process in the turbulent global business environment. Marketing decisions, analysis, and issues are integrated with the goal of achieving customer satisfaction to gain a sustainable competitive advantage within an industry.
3 QF-AQAC-03.02.01 20 Course aims and outcomes: A- Aims: A1- Keep current with issues in buyer behavior and marketing strategy by reading newspapers, business magazines, books, and online news sources. A2- Understand the basic framework for understanding marketing decision processes. B- Students Learning Outcomes (SLOs): Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: SLO (1): B1- Understand and analyze the different components of marketing strategy and to put these skills into the marketing plan (Intellectual Analytical and Cognitive Skills). SLO (2): B2- Analyze and evaluate alternative solutions and make a cogent recommendation on what solution needs to be taken to resolve the problem (Subject- Specific Skills). SLO (3): B3- Apply specific marketing management concepts on a complete marketing plan for local or International Company (Transferable Key Skills). SLO (4) 1. Examine current concepts of the Marketing role in business organizations and society, and explain the marketing principles in relation to the product, price, promotion and distribution functions ** ** S LOs S LOs of the course
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