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May 18, 2023
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Course: New Product Development MKT 406 Y ear: 2023 Instructor: Dr. Suheela Shabir Semester: Third Project Report Due Date Week 11 - Thursday 2.00 pm via Blackboard Type Group Submission Weight This assignment is worth 15% of your total grade Length Maximum 3000 words in length Format Times New Roman, font size 12 and a line spacing of 1.5 Name of the Assignment: New Product Development for Specified Industry You are a manager at ABC Limited company. You have received a new assignment to develop a product/application that can be beneficial for the mentioned industry. Propose a new product/application and detail how this new product can be a value add in this field .The product should be innovative and must refelct all the stages of new product development cycle. Prepare a well-written marketing strategy for your company's introduction of a new product utilizing concepts learned in the course as a basis for your analysis. Your marketing strategy should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the concepts presented in the course and your ability to analyze and develop an organization's marketing strategy (STP Strategy). Also, propose strategy for Brand building and managing this product in different stages of product life cycle (from product, price, place and promotion perspective). Group 1: Educational industry Group 2: Entertainment industry Group 3: Sports industry Group 4: Healthcare industry Group 5: Tourism industry Note: Cover Page, Table of content and references are not included in word count. Report Details: The report should cover the below details. Please refer the rubric for more details.
Course: New Product Development MKT 406 Y ear: 2023 Instructor: Dr. Suheela Shabir Semester: Third 1. Cover Page (1 Mark) - University name and logo College name and logo Title of the Report Student names, Student ID's Section Course name Course code Instructor name Semester and academic year 2. Table of content (0.5 Marks) Serial no Heading Page no Table of figures/graphs Serial no Heading Page no 3. Introduction to proposed new product and its importance (2 Mark) - Mention the features in detail and how it is useful for the customers. 4. New Product Development Stages (4 Marks) Idea generation Idea screening Concept development and testing Marketing strategy development Business analysis Product development Test marketing Commercialisation 5. Business Model (0.5 Marks) 6. Marketing Strategies to launch this product (STP Strategy) (4 Marks) 7. Branding Strategy (0.5 Marks)
Course: New Product Development MKT 406 Y ear: 2023 Instructor: Dr. Suheela Shabir Semester: Third 8. References (0.5 Marks) - Minimum 5 different references should be there and referencing style should be APA. 9. Research Skills no plagiarism(1 Mark) - In-depth research should be shown through the assignment. 10. Language and Style (0.75 Mark) - as given below. 11. Participation (0.25 Marks) - This is for groups collaborative work. Content and Structure (14 M) Researching Answers topic question Complete content, relevance and accuracy Reasoning and Justification with evidence No Plagiarism Organization and Style (0.75 M) Appropriate fluent vocabulary, formal tone Correct spelling, formatting Fluent sentences, paragraph structure Follows Word limit Structure transition and coherence Participation (0.25 M) Level of engagement/participation Behavior Team work Questioning and discussions Project Presentation Due Date Week 13 Type Group Presentation (All group members should present) Weight This presentation is worth 5% of your total grade Length 15 Minutes Format Power Point (or similar) Assessment Criteria: Content Introduction:
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