Product Life Cycle

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Jun 4, 2023
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Self Driving Tesla: I believe Self Driving Teslas should be placed in the Introduction stage, sales haven't even started because it hasn't been released yet, but has extensive publicity and has a lot of people that are excited and interested for it to release. Color Changing BMW: I believe that Color Changing BMWs should be placed in the introduction stage, sales
havent started because the product is unreleased, the product doesn't have very much publicity because it's very very recent. Iphone 14: The Iphone 14 should be placed in the growth stage because it just recently released so the sales are still growing a lot. The Iphone is a really popular product already so the iPhone 14 should be a really profitable product for Apple that really shouldn't decline until the Iphone 15 comes out. Crocs: I think Crocs should be placed in the growth stage because it recently became popular again after being out for a long time. Sales are still growing and they haven't yet reached the peak of their popularity. They've outperformed a lot of different types of slippers and have cemented themselves into the industry. Bubble Tea: I believe Bubble Tea should be placed in the maturity stage because it's been popular for a while but I believe it's still growing as a lot of people are still being introduced to it as more people find out about it. They are close to reaching their sales peak but I think they will stay somewhat around their peak for a long time because sales are somewhat consistent. Sprite: I think Sprite should be placed in the maturity stage because it's been popular for ages and it's going to stay as one of the most popular classic drinks. Sprite doesn't change or reinvent itself but it stays as one of the biggest drink brands ever. It's going to be a long time before sprite seriously starts to decline. DoorDash: I think DoorDash is on a decline but I don't think it's dead yet because a lot of people do use DoorDash for convenience purposes or times where you can't go get the food
yourself. I think a tool like DoorDash will stay somewhat relevant because it's just a tool, but sales have definitely dropped now that people are allowed to go get food themselves now that COVID is on a decline. Life Hand Sanitizer: I believe Life Hand Sanitizer is on a complete decline because COVID and the craze for hand sanitizer has ended. Hand Sanitizer itself is not irrelevant but pretty much every brand except for Purell is dying. Pretty much nobody is buying hand sanitizer anymore and if they do it will most likely be Purell. Once DoorDash reaches the Decision-Point stage I would start to try to partner with different grocery stores, so instead of just having fast food on the app you could also order groceries straight from there if needed and make that the focal point of the app to try and reformulate it. Another strategy I think could work to revive Doordash is to change the name and add a design change which would help a lot. Along with new bright colors and a different type of interface to just solidify the change in order for customers to feel like it's something fancy and new. I think after that the right move would be to come up with a good ad and spread it around the internet, maybe sponsor a sports team, get a billboard, just raise popularity and try and get more people talking about the business.
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