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Jul 30, 2023
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How are retailers getting this wrong? What are they not doing yet when it comes to zero difference in channels? On the flip side, what are the best retailers doing on this front? Tiffany Burns: Many retailers still think, "There are omnichannel interactions and store interactions, and I'm optimizing those two things separately. I have two different teams working on and thinking about those experiences." But as a consumer, when I go on the retailer's website or app, I expect to see availability, a connection to what's in the store, and a way to order things that I can pick up in store. I also expect to be able to stand in the aisle in the store and research a product. Today, consumers are figuring out workarounds to do all those things: they're switching over from the app to Google, looking up the product, and searching for reviews. But we see some retailers saying, "We're going to make shopping a seamless experience for you. Our app will help you with wayfinding, give you inventory visibility in the store, and allow you to access all of our omnichannel opportunities to place an order and pick it up. We'll allow you to stand in the aisle and do research on a product by scanning a QR code." The best retailers—the ones who we believe will create winning omnichannel experiences in the future—are those who are solving for seamless interactions across channels.
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