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Sep 21, 2023
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Welcome to Marketing 1102 Erin Whittle BCIT Marketing Management Lab 1 What we'll cover today Lab expectations Introductions Discuss online quizzes Set rep election About me Marketing Director at Vigilantes Owner of Indent Online: Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution Clients include Fatigue Science, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Vancouver Aquarium, Tourism Richmond, Domain7, Baby Gourmet, Regent College,, and many more Formerly a Digital Strategist with Rethink Communications Clients included A&W Restaurants, Coast Capital Savings, Solo Mobile, and Mr. Lube Previous marketing experience in environmental sustainability, software/ technology, market research, and book publishing industries She, her, hers How to connect [email protected] 604.764.6473 SE6 312
Email protocol First, check the Learning Hub But do not email through the Hub Always include your name, student number, program and set for example: Erin Whittle, A008234517, MKTG Set W Responses are usually made by the next business day Labs are a great time to ask questions too! Lab expectations Respect for your classmates: Turn o ff your cellphone: no texting, no photos, no Snapchat, no recording Laptops for note-taking only: no social media, no chat, no browsing Attendance is mandatory, as is timeliness Late work is not accepted; there are no make-up exams or quizzes Listen, respond, and contribute with respect Do your homework (chapter readings, quizzes) Do your teamwork (assignments) Bring the materials you'll need: pen and paper, textbook or etext, connected device, homework Introductions Write each team member's first name at the top of the whiteboard Find 1 thing all team members have in common—not related to BCIT or your program—and write it on the board Find 1 thing di ff erent amongst all team members and write it on the board Why marketing? Brainstorm ideas
Quizzes 1 on each chapter Once you start the quiz, you can not pause or restart or retake it If you leave the quiz for any reason, the timer keeps going You have 2 hours to complete the 20 multiple choice questions Save as you go: only saved answers get graded Ensure you have a stable Internet connection There are no extensions or re-dos Quizzes are open now, but are scheduled to close at the end of the week in which we cover the material (for example, the quiz for chapter 1 closes this Sunday night) Quizzes In the Hub, under activities, select Quizzes Quizzes Select the quiz you want to take. Note the deadline. Quizzes When you're ready, click Start Quiz.
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